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Age of History 3
Rodak Polak

My thoughts about AoH 3 and what I would like to see in the YT video

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Additionally, I hope that something will change so that there will not be so many troops landing. In AoH 2, the fastest route was through the sea, so the AI made annoying troops landing on our backs. I hope that in AoH 3 the movement of troops at sea will be much slower than on land to prevent annoying landings

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In AoH 2, each game was similar - Rumumia attacked Greece, Ukraine attacked Poland, Spain attacked Italy, France attacked Germany, the Netherlands attacked Denmark, India attacked China
And so it goes every time

I propose that in AoH 3 each game will be different due to random relations between countries - once it will be drawn that the relations between France and Germany were -40, once it will be +70, once it will be -3 or +7, etc.
This will make the game unpredictable and much more interesting

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23 hours ago, Rodak Polak said:

AI should be programmed to first take over enemy provinces in peace talks that are on a different continent than the enemy's capital (as was the case with the colapse of the First French Colonial Empire and as it was with colapse of the German Empire after World War I - they primarily lost all their colonies, and to a lesser extent European territories

Doprecyzowując - jeśli walczące kraje nie mają odkrytej technologii pozwalającej na kolonizacje to powinny zajmować te tereny wroga, które są najbliżej, a jeśli oba kraje mają taką technologię to wtedy powinno być tak jak opisałem powyżej, żeby najpierw przejmowały tereny na innych kontynentach, a dopiero w dalszej kolejnosci te tereny które są najbliżej @Łukasz Jakowski

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