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Age of Civilizations
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Mars Terraforming (Provinces 1251) *

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    • By XIMBA
      Olá, sou Ximb e venho novamente mostrar meu mapa de kaiserreich, o meu antigo estragou, eu realmente não sei o que aconteceu com ele, enfim, aqui esta o meu mapa. Mapa com todos os países da ultima atualização do kaiserreich, por tanto tem alguns países que não tem no jogo (faça o dowloads desses países também) eu tentarei fazer eventos com quase todos os países, e se possível conseguir recriar os eventos do kaiserreich do hoi4 aqui, vai ser difícil, se algum quiser me ajudar me chama no discord (Ximb#7167), vou agradecer muito, o cenário no momento e 100% em português, em breve tentarei passar os eventos para o inglês també
      Paises - terminado
      Mapa - Terminado
      Eventos - Sendo feito
      Now, I using google translate 😞
      Hi, I'm Ximb and I'm coming to show you my kaiserreich map again, my old map has broken down, I really don't know what happened with him, anyway, here is my map. Map with all the countries of the last update of the kaiserreich, so there are some countries that are not in the game (download these countries too) I will try to do events with almost all countries, and if possible be able to recreate the events of the kaiserreich of hoi4 here, it will be difficult, if anyone wants to help me call me on discord (Ximb # 7167), I will thank you very much, the scenario at the moment and 100% in Portuguese, soon I will try to pass the events into English too
      Countries - finish
      map - finish
      Events - finish
      Mapa - Map dowload
      Segundo link, eu nao sei se to fazendo certo kkk
      second link, i don't know if I'm doing it right haha
      Países - Countries dowload
      segundo link - second link
    • By Kerems2434
      Project: Alpha Mod (The Biggest Map for AoC2 - 8272/10.000+ Provinces) 

      Hello, everyone. Yesterday, we started working on making the greatest map ever made for AoC2. Name of the Mode: Project: Alpha. We have completed approximately 8272 provinces in four weeks on this map where 10.000+ provinces will be located. We're going really fast. If we can continue at this rate, I think we'll complete the mode in 1 month.
                                                             Please don't forget to specify your ideas about the mod from the comments.

                                                                                                                    8272 PROVINCES COMPLETED!
      AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/erJ6zuc
      AoC2ModdingTR YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVov6An3mEzP17tLGcZl6g
      AoC2ModdingTR Donate Site: https://www.bynogame.com/destekle/AoC2ModdingTR

      Vaux - Kerems2434 - Visegrad Mapping - UlutasErn
    • By GyLala
      Download: https://mega.nz/file/5o9nxKBI#cKPKlhvl74cV5c0SQgF3vy9Cw7Mnm49s90a0RRkwaIw
    • By GyLala
      Download : https://mega.nz/#!14UGSSaY!uhwBrpd10n_By6jddyCigpxV2BcvZnsVNCPNYa8WYg0

      Guys Sorry, Civs missing fixed try download
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