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Age of Civilizations

How to play on MacOS

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    • By Turkey
      I played this game for 184 hours but i cann find any ways to buil buildings fast for example i play with germany in ww2 i want to build library in every state but it takes TOOO MUCH time is there any way to build fas
    • By Oreshek:3
      У меня есть несколько сценариев, и я хочу поделиться ими с вами, но я не понимаю, как это сделать. Пожалуйста, помогите мне. Кто заинтересован, я создал сценарии, такие как: 1850 (бета), до WWl (1900) и холодной войны (1950) (This scenario is not completed yet).
      P.S. события в моих сценариях происходят каждые 50 лет
    • By Pirsicola Tortellini
      awhile ago I kept trying to add provinces to the default map, I all was going smooth until I went above 2300. After I went above 2300 or more the game just wouldn't start and kept crashing. I have had many provinces on custom maps I've made so I don't think its a problem with how I'm making them. All help is appreciated.
    • By SteampunkMaverick12
      Hi, I need help on 2 maps, please
      1. I am making a new map but its crashing when I go on the map editor
      https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tl8rr1o7xi75dl/AAAhNmybU8OW7Rr81ANgqDk6a?dl=0 map
      2.when I was editing the earth map my province was covered by the original province so I couldn't edit it or create connections, unfortunately, I don't have screenshots
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