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I have been working on Indian Map of 2020

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I have been working on Indian Map of 2020 , It will contain festivals/events and every state's governor and every states relations with other ones , some of the districts have been added to India frictionally by me only . Note the map is not 100% correct / accurate . 

NOTE -  90% of all the flags are frictional . 


Edit - The files are lost , you should use this map made by me - 

Because this id was lost by mistake so I made another id and made the map again .


Screenshot (77).png

Screenshot (78).png

Screenshot (79).png

Screenshot (80).png

Screenshot (81).png

Screenshot (82).png

Edited by Keshav123
Files Lost

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Malkangiri province is a part of Chattisgarh. And That province between Rewa and Varanasi is also an Uttarpradesh territory. Territory between Gwalior, Guna, Bhopal, Ujjain and Kota is a Rajasthani Territory.

Edited by Atal

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@Atal thanks bro , i never hopped that anybody will see my post , and talking about sikkhim i know i messed up because the province of sikkhim (real life) is not given in game so ya , and talking about all the things i messed up because i made this map by lookin at the google maps , so ya some things are really messed up 

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23 minutes ago, Keshav123 said:

Sadly i can not add Naga land 

Yeah, it sucks that there is only one province which fits two real states.🥺

Very good mod. Love it.

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28 minutes ago, Keshav123 said:

After some Major Changes . 

Screenshot (114).png

Screenshot (115).png

Screenshot (116).png

Screenshot (117).png

Screenshot (118).png

Screenshot (119).png

Screenshot (120).png

You know, River Ganga is not touched by Madhya Pradesh. Rewa and Singrauli are part of Uttar Pradesh. With this your map would be done. If you would like, please make events in it.

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