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How do i change (player made) nation's name depending on the government?

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I managed to change the flag of a nation depending on its government but i could not find a way to change its name (automatically, i know that you can change a nation's name simply by clicking its name and writing the name that you want in-game, i want it to change name automatically.)

I know that in the vanilla game there are some examples of a nation's name changed depending on its government, like the UK, it changes its name form "United Kingdom" to "Great Britain", so i assume that you can do that for a player made civ too.

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I apologize for this late reply, but I do have the solution:


If you want to rename a country automatically by ideology/government, you have to follow these steps:

- Locate the Folder with the Custom Countries

- Locate the File for that Country within the Folder, an Example being: "1544372214811aiomucxo"

- Place that File within the Base-Game Civilizations Folder (not civilizations_editor but just civilizations)

- Copy the Name of that File

- Go to the Languages Folder

- Once inside the Languages Folder, go into the Civilizations Folder within the Languages Folder

- Open Bundle.properties with Notepad

- Paste the File Name into the List

- Use the Ideology Tags to Rename for Specific Ideologies

- Delete the Custom Civilization Folder that Originally had the Files

I hope this helped.

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