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A Different World - Addon+ submod + scenario!

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Hello! I would like to present a new submod for Addon+: A Different World!

Progress so far:


~60% done

-Fully reworked map

-Detailed cores based on ethnic and linguistic maps, history, modern borders, etc.


-4 new government types added

Formable civilisations:

-3 new formable civilisations added


22 new flags added


Many translations fixed, Ukrainian language added (only for the "A Different World" scenario for now), Spanish WIP (soon to be finished), French and Swedish planned


Updated the font (extra characters that are needed for other languages added, which fixed bugs such as Czechia with a National-Socialist government displaying as "Protectorate Bhmen und Mhren" instead of "Protectorate Böhmen und Mähren")

P. S.: if you want your language to be available, tell me!

The submod will be available to download once the scenario is finished (or quicker if a lot of people are actually interested)Alliances.png.ee6b99cebd396780d9c0c7456fa6da05.pngCeltica.thumb.png.f87563863ccd497a77bd15eb7d570099.png658557154_DespotateofQi.png.8f56cf7e5f92180cc42e5055e14fc7db.png

Russian Tsardom.png

Form Austria-Bavaria.png

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Updated the information

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7 hours ago, lukascx said:

Love the screenshots, can't wait until it's done 🙂

Thanks! I'll upload an alpha once I fully fill the scenario in. Sadly, it takes a really long time to set up cores for different governments of one country. I should be able to finish before summer starts, though.

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20 hours ago, Kittenhux said:

Let's hope it has a background history

I'll write the history down if you'd like

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