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Dear Lukasz.

Almost everyone appreciates your work. Especially when working alone on this game without any team, I understand that there are many issues.

I shall compile every MAJOR issue I've heard of and have come across. Starting with my suggestions.

1. Diseases need more depth.

2.development doesn't have any effects.

3. I can hold an occupied province for 200+ turns without any revolts,

4 the AI doesn't match up with my own nation. Some countries have 0 to very little technology or military power(ex:40000+ units can easy conquer all of the British Empire in the 1840 scenario.) 

5.colonies and overseas provinces should realistically have their own names(such as french Canada, or British Canada, or Mittelafrika.)

6.battle aftermath is almost non-existent.

7.  An easier form of province editor needs to be created for mobile, and more nations are required (especially when I almost made an 800 AD scenario on PC )

8. Flag editing for my own nation. (When I from unions, ugly flags form and it can never be edited for roleplaying.)

Now moving on to the bugs and other problems.

1. Diplomacy tab breaks randomly

2. Infinite turn skip

3. Screen with 0 gold, 0 diplomacy points, 0 military and no province can be Interacted with.

That's it for now.

Thanks for the game. It's been great. Just.. some tweaks will get this game to good shape. 

God bless.


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I don´t even know what this is or who I am writing to but I saw that there stands help so I write something.

Basically I need help. There is a bug that when I click on Load game my game crashes everytime. I havent downloaded any mods or something. I didn´t do anything except for one new WW1 scenario but this isn´t the thing. My friend has this bug too and he hasn´t downloaded anything. I am really frustrated and sad because I love Aoc 2 and I can´t find any help. I wish someone can help me there. I really want my old games back and I am really sad. Thank you for your help

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for some reason there is this glitch where sometimes the game just stops showing any thing other than the map not even any countries and just flashes and to stop it I have to cloze and reopen the game there is also this bug where a lot of the time when a rebel succeeds in getting independence the rebel does not turn into a country but instead it turns into neutral provinces and these two bugs are really annoying because when I play AI only 5000 bc (a scenario I created) I want new countries to arise from rebels but it never happens and I hate it also countries should be able to from neutral tiles and countries that are tribal should not be able to change to different kind of government so easily like every time the tribal countries immediately turn into monarchy also countries should not be able to turn into democracy before the time where Athens created it (500 bc)

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Unfortunately one or more of the little tweaks has made the app impossible to install.  

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of the current global crisis - you’ll have development time on your hands to address that fundamental, game-breaking flaw.


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El 2/2/2020 a las 16:39, SecondX Man dijo:


Ni siquiera sé qué es esto ni a quién le escribo, pero vi que hay ayuda, así que escribí algo.

Básicamente necesito ayuda. Hay un error que cuando hago clic en Cargar juego, mi juego se bloquea cada vez. No he descargado ningún mod ni nada. No hice nada excepto un nuevo escenario de la Primera Guerra Mundial, pero este no es el problema. Mi amigo también tiene este error y no ha descargado nada. Estoy realmente frustrado y triste porque amo Aoc 2 y no puedo encontrar ninguna ayuda. Deseo que alguien pueda ayudarme allí. Realmente quiero recuperar mis viejos juegos y estoy muy triste. Gracias por tu ayuda

ami me pasa lo mismo 

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