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Alemanha Ball

Great Empires in Modern World-Europe Map-2019

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    • By Italian PeC
      The grandest project in age of history 2's history yet. 
      This mod, made from the maker of "The Second Great War" will revolutionize and forever change the way you play age of History 2, by making the game into an entirely new experience, more difficult yet more interesting.
      The mod will focus on the concept of Empire in the modern era's terms, like colonial empires and expansionist states, as well as a new and more in depth look into your country and what events happened to it between the eras.
      The mod will add over 30 new scenarios, hundreds of new countries, alternate histories, real histories and much more.
      The main starting date is in 1815, just after the Congress of Vienna. This mod introduces objectives which your nation will need to complete to gain bonuses and the upper hand on other countries of the era, through the new ideology-based system of "industrialization". Following 5 ideologies, the development level of your country will go from uncivilized, to civilized, to non-industrialized (where European and colonial nations start as) , to partially industrialized, and finally industrialized. These ideologies will allow for greater growth and bigger armies as you upgrade them, bringing to armies on the hundreds of thousands being a normality in AOI (Age of Imperialism)'s battles.
      Aggressiveness has also been reworked, with the minimum now being 0% , which is highly suggested for scenarios with events.
      Among other things, AOI will include:
      - a new exclusive map created by the fusion of all terrain maps from the popular game Victoria II👑
      - over 200 new provinces to make borders look better and create better "greater countries"⚔️
      - 30 new scenarios 💥
      - 5 scenarios of the 30 will include events ( for example the highly anticipated realistic world war 1 scenario, and the world war 2 scenario coming straight from The Second Great War mod, so you will be able to delete that mod since this one will include it in it's entirety)⚜️
      -1 completely new "CONGRESS OF VIENNA" scenario with objectives, revolutions, industrialization mechanics, new colonial mechanics , historical and alternate history events and much more.⚙️
      - A completely new UI✅
      - new music🎶
      This project is being worked on by a small modding team (Starfruit, Greenlion, James, stefan ecc...) headed by Italian P&C, so the progress, although slow, will keep going forward. It is my intention to release the mod this summer, as soon as it is finished.
      The only thing asked in exchange for the working on this mod is that you subscribe to the mod's creator on Youtube, Italian P&C: https://youtube.com/channel/UCD-hWGkNIC8PaEEcA2bnV5g
      PC RELEASE: https://drive.google.com/u/1/uc?id=1WHzF4ou5aDRvxOo-nEade6IYSR_wkatQ&export=download
      ANDROID RELEASE: https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=14EFBgXrKk2GTIaEaEHro38MtpWycFPIi&export=download
      VERSION 1.2

    • By selimzmrt42
      Senaryom da israil yunanistan türkiye arnavutluk kürdistan gibi ülkelerde de event vardır .
      eventler arasında erken seçimler , batı trakya olayı , kıbrıs olayı , kuzey epir olayı , kürdistan olayı , ermeni sorunu ,
      israil-filistin sorunu , kudüs sorunu gibi eventler vardır.
      İçerik :
      -İsrail'e amerika yatırımı sayesinde ulaşılamaz bir teknoloji ve ekonomi verildi . (eventler ile gelecek)
      -Türm türk bölgeleri vardır.
      -doğu türkistan olayları vardır 
      vb. daha fazla olaylar vardır , oynayarak anlayabilirsiniz .
    • By POG
      Im gonna start a mod where in the mordern world germany Again tries to take over the world. But this time alliance like eu or nato is present. Can you succesfully do the wishes of your ancestors that the third reich couldnt do? Or will you fall to the eu or nato and be a UN occupied zone forever?
      The version 0.1v is gonna come soon(Its gonna probably take 3 to 4 days). Its gonna have 40 to 50 events and if this gets enough support then i will start working on 1.0v
      Edit 1:- Version 0.1v is here!! This update not only adds more events but now another country have a focus tree instead of germany. Not only germany have more events now but russia have events also now! I have also added objective in the mods!
      Edit 2:-I finally started to work on version 1.0 and making it into a mod. The only problem is that i didnt know it would be this hard to create a mod.
      Though i am working so much that im staying late up at night just making a new map. Version 1.0 may come out in 2 to 3 months. Though no promises bc i have online school to attend and do studys also..
      Version 1.0 will contain:-
      New Civilizations
      More province
      Updated alliance
      More events
      More focus trees for countrys
      WW3 will be also added
      More formables
      I may make this mod compactible for android also. No promises though
      Edit 3:-I made a discord server for the people who want to see the progress https://discord.com/channels/903622507054104576
    • By Jota Pe
      Hello again, so i've decided to make some events, this is the iberian update, some features:
            - New Events
            - Reconquista Events
            - New Palette
            - Frontiers in iberian peninsula are more accurate
            - King Death event(only for Leon in 905)
            - Break country events

      Viking Age - 867 AD.zip
      Viking Age - 867 AD.zip
    • By Orhan Eren GR
      Hi !
      Iam great war with 200 events scenario producer beag_5
      Me and my team took a break from modding due to a few negative situations that happened to us.
      But now we started modding for aoh2 again.
      Our first mod is Millenium-Dawn Modern Day for  Conquerors.
      Features of Millenium-Dawn Modern Day Mod :
      -So many Events With Pictures
      for now :
      2000: done
      2001: done
      2002: still in development
      2003 to 2021 : still in development
      Research on other years continues. 
      -New Leaders With Pictures

      beta download link When we finish the event of a year, we will share the download link with you from discord. If you want to test the mod early, our discord server:
      full version release date: October 20

      Producers : Beag_5, Price, Maddog and Mobile Producer Emrer Bozkurters


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