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Das Weltreich - Kaiserreich rivisitata dal punto di vista dell'Italia - IN ITALIANO

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Das Weltreich

La Weltreich è un'ucronia ambientata dopo la Grande Guerra vinta dalla Triplice Alleanza (Impero Tedesco, Impero Austro-Ungarico e Regno d'Italia). La mod è ricca di eventi per molte nazioni che spiegano via via l'antefatto e che portano ad esplorare questa ucronia.

Collegamento per scaricarlahttps://www.mediafire.com/file/r1v2tbp9avqgbl2/Weltreich.rar/file

  • Completamente in Italiano!
  • Nuovi Eventi
  • Nuovi Leader per tutte le nazioni
  • Nuova mappa e Grafiche.
  • Molteplici Scenarî1828723551_WhatsAppImage2021-09-06at10_13_10.thumb.jpeg.be7f8acced0410252827d88e74966c9d.jpeg

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    • By sainaic
      Gli scenari sono :
      -la rivolta di Spartaco
      -La guerra civile di Costantino
      -l'impero di Caligola
      - se l'mpero Romano rinascesse oggi
      Prossimamente arriveranno gli eventi e altri scenari. 
      Datemi un riscontro se vi piacerebbe provarli.

      1625161769322zalajbtr 1625161769322zalajbtr_A 1625161769322zalajbtr_C 1625161769322zalajbtr_D 1625161769322zalajbtr_HRE 1625161769322zalajbtr_INFO.json 1625161769322zalajbtr_PD 1625161769322zalajbtr_W 1625161769322zalajbtr_E 1625751656060wwrdldlp 1625751656060wwrdldlp_A 1625751656060wwrdldlp_C 1625751656060wwrdldlp_D 1625751656060wwrdldlp_HRE 1625751656060wwrdldlp_INFO.json 1625751656060wwrdldlp_PD 1625751656060wwrdldlp_W 1625751656060wwrdldlp_E 1625765415965wvcoqkau 1625765415965wvcoqkau_A 1625765415965wvcoqkau_C 1625765415965wvcoqkau_D 1625765415965wvcoqkau_HRE 1625765415965wvcoqkau_INFO.json 1625765415965wvcoqkau_PD 1625765415965wvcoqkau_W 1625765415965wvcoqkau_E 1629559994701gjqmcnzt 1629559994701gjqmcnzt_A 1629559994701gjqmcnzt_C 1629559994701gjqmcnzt_D 1629559994701gjqmcnzt_HRE 1629559994701gjqmcnzt_INFO.json 1629559994701gjqmcnzt_PD 1629559994701gjqmcnzt_W 1629559994701gjqmcnzt_E
    • By Italian PeC
      Age of History II : The Second Great war is an AoH2 mod with the objective of 
      completely revamping the World War 2 Scenario by perfecting it 
      and adding a completely new and exclusive mechanic : Event Trees
      The mod aims to be an immersive experience for the players of AoH2 that are bored of repeating the same stuff every time with different mods. While other mods aim to expand the map, add provinces or make more scenarios, "The Second Great War" (or just TSGW) for short gives a completely new spin to an already in game scenario,  making it as interesting as possible,  by perfecting the scenario (making it better gameplay wise, as well as adding cores and diplomacy) and most of all, Adding  "Event Trees" aka an original mix between  events and Hoi4-like Focus Trees. These event trees take you to different paths depending on the nation you choose to play as, with events popping up either as one-time decision with no excess influence or as complete game changers that can change your path and your following events down the line. 
      Together  with historical events, such as remilitarizing the Rhineland, opening of airports, building of museums, Historical wars, historical ultimatums and more, we also have completely new and different alternate unhistorical paths you can take your nation through. Want to ditch germany as fascist Italy and pursue an alliance with the Allies? You can! Want to focus on the economy as Germany? You can! Want to enter the Axis as a military government in Turkey? You can! Want to create the Intermarium as an alliance of sovereign states ? You can!  Want to re-establish the Monarchy in Brazil after a violent year long civil war? Hell yes you can!
      This mod adds over 200 different events all over the world, with bigger Event Trees for important nations in the second great war , like Italy,  Germany, Japan, the USSR and America , but also adding massive event trees to less popular nations,  like Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil and more! 
      So when will the mod be out? Are you going to let this 
      die and just leave this project unfinished like most modders?
      HELL NO! The mod has already been 4 month in development, and it's close to being finished, meaning that by the end of the month or even EARLIER, you could get to play it on both Android or PC with no problems!
      How do I support this mod? Where can I download it the second it comes out?
      You can find the download link (when it comes out),  as well as showcases of the mod on my Youtube channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCD-hWGkNIC8PaEEcA2bnV5g
      PS we also have a discord: https://discord.gg/ZWa6WTqJ
      Download links: PC https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FsEgf1aH-aB1tehRO5MTAkd54k8wV637/view?usp=drivesdk
      Download links: Android https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G0j75ZQ6e9TVdpjTSW__aKtjziwkzStb/view?usp=drivesdk
      P.S. Great thanks to the developer of the mod for AoH2 called TNO, Aren, for helping me develop the Android version of this mod, I couldn't have done it without him ##


      Big thanks to Greenlion, Starlight and Stefan 

    • By xx_Agam_xx
      Pomysł i opis scenariusza
      Death Reich to scenariusz, w którym Niemcy wygrywają I Wojne Światową. Ale scenariusz jest oparty na filmie:

      Niezgoda:  ! Agam # 5354
      Discord:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW7Mx8H1C0hDb4TSZmNjTWQ
    • By Ern and Vaux
      Kaiserreich is one of the most popular mods for HOI4. And it is a popular scenario for AoH2 too. But I am tired of bad Kaiserreich scenarios in this forum so I decided to make a Kaiserreich mod.
      This Mod Will Include:
      -Ideologies from Kaiserreich
      -Different Paths for Different Countries
      -A Great Kaiserreich Experience
      Progress will be updated regularly.
      ----signer_5.6.0.---Hello "Comrades"😄!
      I am LAUELCOMMIE... today I am going to present an idea that in these 2 years that I have been studying politics, history and the game AOC2...
      I have ideas and projects to present and launch in these 2 years that I have been studying and editing this app (without removing copyright OBVIOUSLY😅)...
      I want to warn you that it could take up to months to launch more of this content, since I am a poor person, and with difficulties to get internet😔... thanks to the fact that at the beginning of the year I  I moved from the city to the country... but still...
      I'm still motivated to upload this content😄...
      without more to say... let's see the project...😅
      well... as we know... age of civilizations 2, it is not a perfect game, nor is it complete... it has many bugs and other problems...
      So today I am going to upload an "improvement", or whatever you want to call it😄...
      for me it is a "project" and that is... RUS (Russia) represents the Russian empires...
      such as the former Soviet Union...  the Russian Empire among others...
      while a civilization called Soviet Russia or COMR (without translation in the AOC) is a civilization that represents the Federative Socialist Republic of Russia (FSRR)... as some may know... ALL the countries of the  The USSR became INDEPENDENT... they did not change their government...
      THEN a few days or hours later, they changed the government you had, which was the communist one...
      Why am I saying that Russia is the COMR (Soviet Russia) file?
       because as I said before... they became INDEPENDENT, they did not change their government...
      besides that Kazakhstan was the last country to become independent from the union... therefore... COMR (soviet russia) reincarnates the true russia,  while RUS (russia) reincarnates the imperial stages of russia...
      I mean, thanks to those who have read this far... and comment please comrades😄
      Flags_H.zip Flags.zip Read me nwn.txt apk-signer_5.6.0.apk MT Manager_2.7.1.apk
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