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Age of Civilizations

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Firstly聽 - My English is weak, I know聽聽馃槙

Secondly - I want create my first Scenerio, where one Province = one nation聽

In addition, all nations is parri passu weak, example system is tribe, 0.05 tech, Economy Lvl 0, Money at the beginning =0, Army =0

Do you have tips? How make a fast and good it?聽

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I have聽 1206 civ now.聽This is my work .rar

I m trying the add civ respectively to Province. I working only to game database civ聽

I hope you like it and help me with聽this project

Add new Civ or some suggestion 馃檪 Thenx and wish you nice game聽聽馃檪


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    • By ElectricSquid7
      Imagine, if you will, a time before Lukasz added the Victorian Era scenario to the game. I was an avid fan of the game even in this time, and because I wanted a Victorian Era scenario, I created my own. I dubbed the scenario the Victorian Age, and it was wildly innacurate. However, even so, when the official Victorian Era scenario came out, I was disappointed to find it was rather lackluster. It disappointed me for a number of reasons, so I decided to upgrade my Victorian Age scenario. It's been months in the working, but I feel now that it is ready to be released to the public.
      ==What does it change?==
      My Victorian Era scenario adds a wide variety of changes in the map - new states are added to West Africa, India, North America, and some parts of Europe, as you will see by the screenshots provided. Furthermore, it adds a wide variety of historical events that can build a dynamic alternate history.
      A full map of the world:


      North America:

      South America:

      Northern Africa:

      Western Africa:

      Southern Africa:




      ==What problems might I encounter?==
      Unfortunately, some of the events are rather buggy. They may fire at the wrong time or with the wrong triggers. However, it should not greatly impact the overall playing experience. Also, it does not fix the issue of leaders being present in the wrong time period. Thus, Abraham Lincoln is still president of the U.S. in 1836.
      Before you download, be warned! The "civilizations_editor" and "leaders" folders will contain a white file simply named "Age of Civilizations." REMOVE THIS FILE FROM THE FOLDER BEFORE DOWNLOADING. If you do not, it will replace all the data you have built up through playing the game with all of my data. You have been warned.
      Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16mXgp5HBIgUbQGA4yAuXt5OrB5QF1r0N
      I hope you enjoy my custom 1836 Victorian Age scenario.

    • By JPM-Stalin
      Time of Civilizations-Topic

      ToC is a great scenario that is being developed by JPM. In one single stage will be the whole History of Human Civilization. From the dawn of civilization through empires that rise and fall, to聽today and the tomorrow.
      Next Features
      Many聽Events, Historical ones, even diferent paths for some special nations. New Civilizations. A new system made by events, where you can change your nation every 100 Years if you want. A new system aganist Overexpansion but without limiting you to play. Progress
      Working in the Demo, based on Mesopotamia, where you will see Hordes and how Empires are created and fall.聽 This means that we will have new Civilizations inside the Game. MESOPOTAMIA EDITION (Without Events) OUT
      In this Small Scenario, you can play in 1500BCE in the Middle East. From the Hittites to Egypt. There is a HRE, "Mesopotamia" where you can try to be the Emperor of the Entire Middle East. Also it has some minor Nations which could be very hard to play. But well, you decide with who you are going to play. 馃榿
      ToC-Mesopotamia Edition without Events by JPM.zip
    • By Edisonek
      Siemka, przedstawiam wam scenariusz z 1600 roku. Pracowa艂em nad nim ok.4 miesi膮ce z przerwami,a jak mia艂em sko艅czy膰,to musia艂em co艣 poprawia膰.Mam nadziej臋, 偶e nie ma 偶adnych b艂臋d贸w w granicach.Czyta艂em nawet wikipedie聽po angielsku hehe ;D.Je偶eli s膮 b艂臋dy w granicach pa艅stw,walnijcie screenshota i wed艂ug granic prowincji w grze narysujcie poprawne kontury.
      Hi, this is scenario from 1600. I worked on it for four months with breaks. I hope you'll like it :)
      Elo,stworzy艂em ju偶 update,kt贸ry dodaje przyw贸dc贸w do scenariusza 馃槈
      link do polskiej wersji scenariusza:
      Doda艂em r贸wnie偶 par臋 nowych pa艅stw,oraz usun膮艂em niekt贸re pa艅stwa.R贸wnie偶 niekt贸re pa艅stwa otrzyma艂y upgrade:
      Prusowie >>>> Prusy Ksi膮偶臋ce聽
      Kartli-Kakheti>>>>>Kartlia i Kachetia
      Mi艂ego grania 馃槃
      聽Hi, I've already created an update to the scenario, which contains small patches within the limits and adds leaders. Enjoy the game 馃槃
      1600 (english).zip
    • By Edisonek
      Hi, I made scenario about Iron Curtain. The half of communist world and war with democracy :D. I don't made leaders,聽because I'm lazy xD
      Siemka, stworzy艂em scenariusz nt. 呕elaznej Kurtyny. Ten scenariusz umie艣ci艂em w roku, gdzie by艂o najwi臋cej dyktatur i komunistycznych kraj贸w. Nie robi艂em lider贸w,poniewa偶 jestem leniwy.

      mini update.zip
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