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I've just started playing  (love it)

There's one thing I don't understand though, vassals!

can someone please explain how it works please? Like what is the advantage of it? And what's the best way to get somewhere to become your vassal?


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Vassals are basically your "Puppet Country". You guarantee their independence for some amount of money, which is something like taxes for countries. About the advantages, Its an easy source for money. If you're that desperate for money, just use them and increase the tax value which is set as %9 normally. The best way to get them is just using Ultimatoms. None of the countries, even with 1 city and +100 reputation, just none of them accepts being your Vassal as a trade, or requesting. You can only make them your vassals with war, or using Ultimatoms. Using ultimatoms for vassals are really useful actually, since when the 30 turns end, you can demand for Annexation which gives you lots of land without having any war. I think this is the best reason to use Vassals. The demand system is lots of buggy, with enough soldiers you can demand to USA for vassalization which is straight up cheating, also none of the countries accept your demand for vassalization without ultimatioms which makes that button useless.

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