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Conquest Or Peace mod

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1、 Features:

Conquest and peace is a global map refinement Mod based on Iron of Heart 4 map. The production record is from February 21, 2019 to June 1, 2019. This Mod plot has a total of 7301 (2.0), 3000 more plots than the original version of Civilization 2, and is suitable for players who like to refine the map. The script span from 639 BC to 2020 AD, and is divided into 34 scripts (2.0). This Mod collects historical scripts from players, including event scripts: World War I script, World War II script, Cold War script, and player's self-made script overlord (1896).

2、 Production time:

This Mod has been produced since February 21, 2019. The plot production ended on April 21, 2019 and the script production began.

3、 Release:

This Mod was released on June 1, 2019, when it was Children's Day.

4、 Shortcomings:

The boundary of this Mod plot is not elaborate enough, and the boundary of the country is not very precise. Due to the excessive content of Mod plot, script, etc., the operation pressure is high, and it is easy to have bad file problems (click the bad file entry to deal with bad file problems). In addition, because the script span time is too long and the map adopts modern growth rate, the script distortion is serious. For example, when the current growth rate is used in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States scripts, the State of Wu or the State of Yue is the most powerful country, far surpassing the state of Jin, which is against the historical situation. Despite the above, as an early global refinement mod, the mod still has a large number of players today.

Due to the large number of plots in this mod and the small base map, many bugs in the original version are magnified in this mod.

5、 stinger:

In the production of the plot, this Mod imitates the practice of adding the small continent plot in the ocean in the original version of the Age of Civilization 2 on the plot, adding the plot with the words "下", "木", "枕" and "流" respectively in the ocean part of the map, and adding the signature plot with the nature of watermark in the Pacific region.

6、 Others:

Due to the accuracy of the plot boundary and the long span of the growth rate, this Mod may stop updating the current version of the modern script in the future, so as to concentrate on updating the ancient script and use the ancient growth rate. The script after 1840 may be adapted to new plots. The sequel of the book Conquest and Peace 2: Global Strategy.


Download link:PC:https://mega.nz/file/WI5FUB5L#Lp2OD9gJkADf6rXvH72xouas76PWJYd-e4qNm5_TM0E








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