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The War of the Roses: England's Throne. Concept/Idea

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Have you ever played Age of Civilizations 2 and wished for a mod that brings the War of the Roses to life? Well, here's an idea for a mod that does just that!

Firstly, imagine a map of England during the War of the Roses period (1455-1487), complete with all the major cities, castles, and territories controlled by the House of Lancaster and the House of York. As you play, you can experience a range of historical events, such as battles, alliances, and diplomatic agreements.

You'll have the choice to play as either faction, and each will have its own leaders, military units, and unique abilities. You'll have to navigate the complex political landscape of England during the War of the Roses, using diplomacy to expand your territories, win over neutral factions, and weaken your enemies.

Combat will be a major focus of the mod, involving a mix of land battles, sieges, and naval warfare. You'll have to use a combination of tactics, strategy, and unit positioning to win battles and conquer enemy territories. Plus, you'll have access to a range of historical weapons and armor, such as longbows, plate armor, and poleaxes.

There will also be a range of historical events, such as the Battle of Bosworth Field, the execution of Richard III, and the coronation of Henry VII. These events will have a major impact on gameplay, leading to significant changes in the balance of power between the factions.

Lastly, the mod could include customization options such as custom maps, units, and factions, allowing you to create your own scenarios and battles and explore different aspects of the War of the Roses.

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13 hours ago, FlatThetime said:

there is a reason it  is concept mate 

i think i might help u
first of all u have to get be2 map. the most detailed u could get to replicate ur concept
if u dont have enough experience/get be2, delete all of the eras/gamesaves and basically. from google images replicate the war of roses map.
to not make it look like a be2, u have to make ur own mod design picture and replace it ic.32x32.png also rename the BE2
then u should og to some aoc2 dev forums, find a REALLY good scripter(sometimes they work for free) 

u could do events urself, if not watch youtube tutorials. i have experience developing aoc2 mod, so that guide might help u replicate ur great ideas. good luck

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