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Maybe you should add political parties 


Let first explore how it's work

1 edition: in edition you can add political parties You can chose what Thier ideology will be and how much influence they had

like make them 3% 10% or even 100%

And also political parties can be zero and is can rise if you didn't Play you card right

however is will be replaced with class struggle if is was full monarchy or party factions if is was fascist or communist

2 Gameplay: as democratic nation each election can be hold by each 5 years or 3 depends on how much years you add for election in edition scenario, there will be button in nation bio call election system, Wich show slice of political parties and also list of political Wich are not in slice can be show not just political Wich are not in slice but also membership of those political parties, let have example

democratic party had 20% of slice and had 2,000 member and while communist of new Marwan (yes that joke) had zero slice but yet 1,000 members

depend on you economy and also what going on in game that's will impact political of your country

let say that I'm play as America and current political party is Democrats party and mine Opposition are republican party, let say that I'm entire war against Canada and I'm lost entirety of northwest u.s that's will cause mine Opposition aka republican growing in support along people

if lost lots lands spacially let say that I'm lost 17 province, that's will be have negative impact on mine political party and that's will cause opposition to win next election if I'm lost 1-8 province that's will give mine Opposition more support however not much as lost 17 province or even more, however if I'm badly lost, let say lost 37-45 province, that's won't just cause mine Opposition more support but also parties Wich Don't have influence can got something like 1-5 slice of political sphere

and also you county can be impact by economy as well, if you county fall into Total economic collapse and you county run out of money, that's can lead to radicalized and also decline of your political party sphere of influence

however if you want save yourself, you can.. you can... Turned your country into dictatorship and also ban all political parties, expected that cause happiest gone down and also expected that is will cause civil war and also you can control election and fake it as well, but that's can cause happiest just gone down 

that only for democracy

 For fascism and communist

the Democratic system will be replaced with one party system mechanic, that yes there no election but you should keep you loyal enough and also you should deal with 2% of oppositions Wich growing bit speed than normal in democratic one and also you should deal with more important thing, factionalism, I'm personally suggestions system for unity's of faction when you political party can collapse if unity's was low Wich may result more likely to civil war and also if you political party collapse

then is will be messy status

you can fix it's by Purge but also cost can be your own population,

for monarchy I'm not sure but maybe you should add absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy as well 

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See I have a similar idea, I expressed this in my 14 points. My idea is that Ideologies should involve more diplomatic strategies; and here are some examples: Democracies have elections every # years and cannot declare wars on countries unless relations are low enough, there is a strong core population, an ally is attacked, or the other country is attacking neutral countries, normally democracies are defensive and have technological and stability perks. A fascist nation can freely declare war on any other nation and create an ethnic population, as well as make aggressive decisions, but lowers a lot of stability to maintain  and create a fascist regime. A monarchy is quite the same as fascist, except they cannot create ethnic populations and are in the middle when it comes to making aggressive or defensive decisions and no elections like fascism, but they can imperialize weaker nations and exploit their resources; it takes a lot of stability to be a monarchy. 

I also believe that in order to switch to a new type of government, first there needs a lot of resources, time, money, and stability; if already a democratic country, then it would cost more stability to switch ideologies. 

Also a war goal mechanic should be put in the game. Again, I explain all of this in my 14 points post. 

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