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First of all you should make ai colonize more that's a no brainer but I also have 7 more suggestions

1. Have colonial names like in EU4 where England's colony of Mexico won't just have the title "England", but instead "English Mexico"

2. Make it so you can't recruit from a colony so countries like UK in WW1/2 aren't super overpowered

3. Also make it so the passive asimalation stuff where people that are born in your civ but not born from a member of your civ are of your civ not effect colonies 

4. Have an incorporation mechanic where you can incomperate a colony as a core part of your civ if your civ is 75% of the population

5. Make it so that if you colonize you gain like 5 prestige points so you have a reason to do so

6. Also make it so people from colonies don't effect population score

7. Finally this is a big one make it so you are able to release a colony as a vassal 

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