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This is the remastered version about the federation.

This idea would make the game somewhat more immersive for countries like the USSR and USA and also to fix some ethnic tensions like in A-H. , so the collapse/disintegration of these following countries would be more convenient.

The project to federalize a country could be for some reasons : for stability, to separate powers, for involvement, for fear of civil war.

I don't want that to become too op so there will be cons too.  The main idea is just create some states in the country and there will have an internal border to divide each state.This could be interesting for laws and reforms. The example I took last time was the proposal to federalize Austria-Hungary in 1906.

Here are the pros and cons of a federal government :

Pros : army morale +5% ; population stability +5% ; population growth  +2% ; production +2% ; minority happiness +9%

Cons : laws and reforms would be harder to implement ; state inequality ; internal conflict ; a state will certainly be more powerful than the rest, so there could be inequality.

If Bosnia left the federation, the risk of civil war would be lower than if it was Hungary because Hungary is more dominant.

The states couldn't have their own armies, couldn't have relations with other countries, instead, it is the federation itself and the recruitment would be for the federation and not for the state.

This isn't an ideology but a form of government, so a monarchic, a democratic, or a communist country could be federalized. That's why government types are important and must be divided with the ideologies.

Here's the proposed reform :



There could have been several ways to federalize the country : to respond to a protest or by elections.

For protest, an event could start like this :

Title: Minority manifestation. 

Simple Description: The minority complain that they want to have more equal rights.

Triggers: The stability must be under 30 %, and have more than 4 ethnic minorities.

Outcome 1: Skip. Nothing changed

Outcome 2: Reforms some laws. Integrated the minorities more, like in school or in right.

Outcome 3: Form a federation.


If it's outcome 3 :

1. Select the states in "Select a Civilization"

2. Select the border.

3. When it is complete, click on "Release as a Federation"

By election :

There could have been a federal party. I don't really know how this would work, but the result is like outcome 3.


When the federation is created, the internal border could be in grey to differences with the rest. When we zoom on the country, we will see the name of these states and their border. 


Internal relations. 

When a state has some conflicts with another state, the state A could leave the federation, maybe causing civil war. If A-H fed. declare war to Serbia, the Slaves' population could support Serbia, but it don't need to be as frequent. 


the behavior for a country with a federal government could only integrate other countries or give land to one of its states if they won a war. If the A-H federation won WW1and annex Serbia, Serbia became one of its states. Another country could join the federation by demands.


Finally, if all of this could take place, there must be a culture/ethnic map mode.

Credit to Shop_Soy http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/238327-cultureethnic-map-mode/#comment-368867


Thank you for all the help in the old topic.


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