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Warning: just in case, I will say that the 4 cool features for formable nations ideas are from these 4 guys, not me. 
also i was busy with my projects so i just copied texts. 😶


1. little fixing. (from Rodak Polak)
In AoH2 it was possible to create the German Empire from the Weimar Republic and later the Weimer Republic from the German Empire

Could you please fix this in AoH3 so that you can only create a larger version of your country.
Replacing the larger German Empire with the smaller Weimer Republic seems to make no sense

It's the same with Egypt on Modern Day, in that you can create a smaller Ancient Egypt

2. can changing flag without changing ideology. (from Iceman)
Maybe the formable civilizations feature should be restricted, or completely disabled for AI, but I don't agree restricting it for players.

With formable civilizations feature it's possible to change the civilization flag mid-game without changing ideology. For example, in 1950 the USA flag had 48 stars, and with formable civilization it's possible to form a USA civilization with 50 stars in 1960.

3. set default ideology to formable nations. (from EsourthW)
Make it so we can set default idiology to formable nations so if we make a new formable nation they would be in their correct ideology. example If AI forms fascist italy that we made they would be a fascist and not a democracy.

4. will be select to lot nations without click-fest. (from paul2kdj)
Will we be able to select a lot of nations without it being a click-fest, like being able to select the German ethnic states to form Germany/HRE or south Slavs to form Yugoslavia?

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yes, what a lot of ideas!
I can also sew the same large quantity.
ok, I'll just offer mine.
Like, the people at the throne would hesitate during the uprising. Even if it is for his removal, but leaving the same regime (like a war for the nomination of a candidate or a war against the tyranny of a given ruler on the throne)
In addition, there are still countries where power was seized by war. What do you say to this? This is probably difficult to implement and it will not be in the game.
Let's also say the idea that it may be that when a country is in trouble because of a bad ruler and the country is preparing for change, then neighboring countries can nominate their own candidate and support him. This would be totally cool if it was in the game.
In addition, I would like that it would be possible for the population to receive a large buff to their mood if the ruler visits the city. But this is dangerous, because the Speratists can kill him...

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