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Hi. I was trying to find the new update in internet but I can't. I buy the game from┬ásteam and update game on it. but it crash badly all the time. but the older version is working perfectly. if anyone have the original game file or even the setup, I would be thankful if you share it with me. It's two day I can't play this game and I'm getting crazy ­čĄ¬┬á

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    • By comepedra
      IÔÇÖm sorry, IÔÇÖm not good at creating maps, itÔÇÖs for a mod IÔÇÖm developing

      (Another map without provinces to make it easier to understand)
    • By Pakek_Gaming
      I just started making my own mod on age of history II, so I created this post. There could be a lot of idle chatter here, but let's get to the point:
      So far, only one scenario (with events) will be in fashion, but scenarios may be added soon. I donÔÇÖt know how many provinces there will be, but the cards may be added in the future.
      Different ideologies
      My own country flags
      While making a map, I hope to finish it soon All the details on mod development in discord: https://discord.gg/26fp47ZhRd

    • By Emperor Zhang Zhongchang
      So I've seen a Cold War mod that changed the "Holy Roman Empire" name into "United Nations", does anyone here know how to do it ? because it would be very interesting if I could change the "Holy Roman Empire" name to "Mitteleuropa" in my kaiserreich mod.
      Edit : nvm, i found it lol.
    • By AoH2MerezTR
      Bu mod, Hearts of Iron IV Game'den esinlenmi┼čtir. ┼×u anda beta a┼čamas─▒ndad─▒r ve modun g├Ârselleri neredeyse tamamlanm─▒┼čt─▒r. Ba─člant─▒, liderler ve senaryolar d├╝zenlendi─činde payla┼č─▒lacakt─▒r.
      A─č─▒rl─▒kl─▒ olarak II. D├╝nya Sava┼č─▒ senaryolar─▒ olacakt─▒r. II. D├╝nya Sava┼č─▒ olaylar─▒ tarihlerine g├Âre ayarlanacakt─▒r.

      AoH2MerezTR amat├Âr bir ├žal─▒┼čmas─▒d─▒r ilerleyen daha kaliteli ├žal─▒┼čmalar gelecektir.
      AoH2MerezTR amat├Âr bir ├žal─▒┼čmad─▒r, ileride daha kaliteli i┼čler ├ž─▒kacakt─▒r.

      AoH2MerezTR Youtube kanal─▒ ├╝zerinden link payla┼č─▒lacakt─▒r.
      Ba─člant─▒ AoH2MerezTR Youtube kanal─▒ ├╝zerinden payla┼č─▒lacakt─▒r.
      AoH2MerezTR Youtube Kanal─▒ ba─člant─▒s─▒ :┬á https://bit.ly/2Lb4Ufr
      YAPIMCI:┬á @┼×ehzade Kerem
      Reklamcı : @__king_aziz__ 


    • By ModCap
      Hello. We are about to complete Kaiserreich, The Legacy Of The Weltkrieg, the first script of the "The Alternate Mod Pack" project we started as the Modcap Team.
      Here are the features of this scenario:

      - New civilizations
      - New music (exclusive to the German Empire)
      - Tuned technologies
      - Adjusted populations
      - 100 events
      - Happiness adjustment
      - "Choose Your Path" feature for certain countries
      - Continuous new updates
      Here are the video of our ww2 scenerio(The graphics and a lot of thing will be updated.)
      And if you want to help us, watch our videos about our mods, or just wanna visit our discord, here are the links.
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