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A club for all the heroes that hate the piece of shit that is memososisi.
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  2. memosisipi te odio mucho neta te odio soy español y desde aqui te mando gracias por meterme trollanos en mi telefono nokia, vete ala vrg, tienes juego pirata y tu poniendo normas vtalv te odio arruinaste mi vida te odio mas que a SUS
  3. it was using the Turkish version of a link shortening site like memo adfly so it's normal for you to eat trojans, but the memosis thought that only Turks would install this mod, so it's guilty memososis, but you can download the mod as you wish, there is no trojan in the mod
  4. With the account which joined about now in this club, "Neskau", I gave him a number close to 100 on dislikes. Now he's at 900+ dislikes on his account.
  5. We will get him banned and give him -9999 rep, Justice must be served. Bless the heroes fighting him!

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