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Age of Civilizations

New Battle Option: Retreat

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When it comes to war it's a Numbers game. This gets annoying because the casualties are close. For every 1 unit you need 1.5 units which is my guess.

There should be a option when you are being attacked of Retreat or go to Battle.

Option of Retreating will mean victory to the invading force but your army will not suffer a complete lose of units.

A invading army of 2000 attacks a province of 1000, if the Retreat option was used then the surviving Army of 1000 would be moved to a chosen adjacent Province.

The formula for this Retreat option would go something like, 


X= Surviving Army

Y= Province  Army

Z= Invading Army

This would ensure the chance to make a counterattack if they attack your province. Since all you would need to do is build the army in the selected retreated province to be ready for a counter attack.

The invading army will suffer only:

A=X(15%+defense Bonuses)

A= Army Lost

X= Surviving Province army 

 Retreating can only be Done if you have a Adjacent Province to retreat to.


This would be excellent in the strategic Aspect of a War since you want to flank them to prevent a Retreat Option also Allowing a Form of a Front for wars. 

Battle option would stay the same.


Adding this kind of Gameplay to this game would be fitting, since you would need a way to preserve your precious army and find a way to turn the War in your favor.

This would turn Armies into Actual Army which can suffer casualties in a normal matter, then just losing a decent size army to a slightly bigger army.

There are times where I lost a army of 5500 to a 6000, in where if this exist by the next turn I could turn that 5000 to 8000. 

Armies are hella expensive to build since you can't even summon a army of 5500 without a high population/ and alot of money. 


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