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Irish empire

The third world war mod

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New scenario|mod by me 

Still in development but hopefully will be released soon.New scenario will be named the age of revolution.The scenario will feature a hoi4 inspired focus tree (just events rly) the 10 major Nations will get them,some rebels and some smaller Nations :classic_biggrin:

The story behind it is basically a rise of nationalism,with the yellow vests strating a huge rebellion in France the story will change depending on what paths you and the ai pick maybe with the help of someone else we could get a new text and some cool features if you would like to join me on my project just reply and like and I'll talk to you


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Guest very nice

i like this idea😁

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On 5/15/2021 at 4:18 PM, Chairman Baad said:


(Red reported the dead mod.)

🟦: where?

🟩: where

🟥: mods tab

🟧: Red sus

: Im in scenarios

🟥: no

🟦: i just left offtopic

🟩: any sus

🟨: I have scan can anyone pls watch?

🟩: oh

🟧: Yes red you sus

🟪: yellow visuals r off

🟩: i was in tutorials saw black as well

🟨: Oh :(

🟥: wth orange how am I sus I did nothing!!

🟨: well I was downloading in leaders

🟧: The dev told me you Killed were on discord


🟪: wait red?

🟥: Purp its ok orange isnt on discord hes lying I didnt kill the mod

🟦: red sus.

(Blue has voted. 7 remaining.)

(Orange has voted. 6 remaining.)

🟥: NO

🟧: Yes

🟧: Self report

(Lime has voted. 5 remaining.)

🟨: Red?

🟪: ight imma skip maybe orange lyin

(Purple has voted. 4 remaining.)

: Black is silent

🟧: Purp im not lying its a self

(Yellow has voted. 3 remaining.)


🟪: visuals r off red now your sus i wish i didnt skip but oh well

(White has voted. 2 remaining.)


: I'm back guys

(Black has voted. 1 remaining.)

(Red has voted. 0 remaining.)


Cyan was not The Impostor. 1 Impostor remains.

Edited by Chairman Baad

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On 23/09/2021 at 02:55, Chairman Baad said:

(Red relatou o mod morto.)

🟦 : onde?

🟩 : onde

🟥 : guia mods

🟧 : Red sus

: Estou em cenários

🟥 : não

🟦 : acabei de sair do tópico

🟩 : qualquer sus

🟨 : Eu fiz a varredura, alguém pode assistir?

🟩 : oh

🟧 : Sim, vermelho, sus

🟪 : visuais amarelos r desligados

🟩 : eu estava em tutoriais e vi preto também

🟨 : Oh 😞

🟥 : com laranja, como estou, não fiz nada !!

🟨 : bem, eu estava baixando no Leaders

🟧 : O dev me disse que você Killed estava em discórdia


🟪 : espera vermelho?

🟥 : Está tudo bem, laranja não está na discórdia, ele está mentindo. Eu não matei o mod

🟦 : sus vermelho.

(Blue votou. 7 restantes.)

(Orange votou. 6 restantes.)

🟥 : NÃO

🟧 : Sim

🟧 : Auto-relato

(Lime votou. 5 restantes.)

🟨 : Vermelho?

🟪 : ight imma pular, talvez laranja lyin

(Roxo votou. 4 restantes.)

: O preto é silencioso

🟧 : Não estou mentindo, é a si mesmo

(Amarelo votou. Restam 3.)


🟪 : os visuais estão vermelhos agora sua sus, eu gostaria de não ter pulado, mas tudo bem

(As brancas votaram. Restam 2.)


: estou de volta galera

(Black votou. 1 restante.)

(Red votou. 0 restantes.)

  Revelar conteúdos ocultos

Cyan was not The Impostor. 1 Impostor remains.


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2 minutes ago, thelegendofsoda said:


I was just looking at that when you quoted me. But yeah, it's an Among Us meeting in the AoH2 forums.

Edited by Chairman Baad

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On 1/26/2019 at 8:23 AM, Guest very nice said:

i like this idea😁

Notice how this is a guest and not a registered user? That means this person is the Impostor.

Edited by Chairman Baad

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