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1980 Scenario [Conqueror's II v1.1]

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  1. The Real 1980 Map
  2. NATO and the Soviet Union
  3. Realistic Technology
  4. Realistic Diplomatic Relations
  5. Realistic Population Rates
  6. Realistic Happiness Rates
  7. USA, SSCB 
  8. Detailed settings for major countries like America, Soviet Union, and China
  9. Affiliated with the Soviet Union; Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Lithuania and Latvia. and Yugoslavia under Communism
  10. Countries in NATO; US, France, Britain, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Iceland, Norway and West Germany (Germany)
  11. 172 Civilization
  12. Map Date: 14 June 1980
  13. Technologies; United States 0.72, USSR 0.57
  14. Starting Army in the Capital 825
  15. Starting Population 48600
  16. Starting Economics 18600
  17. Startup Money 5000

Note: Conqueror's II v1.1 Required.




  1. Open Game Folder (...\Conqueror's II v1.1\map\EU4\scenarios),
  2. After downloading the file, extract the 1980 file in rar and leave it to the scenarios,
  3. Then open the Age_of_Cilivizations file in the Scenario folder,
  4. Add (1980;) at the end or anywhere.
  5. Open the game and load the scenario(1980) good games.
Edited by Ferhat5534

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1 hour ago, MertOVİC said:

Sovyetleri biraz daha güçlü yaparsan daha iyi olur dengeleme açısından onun dışında çok iyi 🙂

Ben Türkiye olarak oynadım inan bana, Sovyetler vs Nato 3 kez savaştık 2011de Sovyetler Yıkıldı.

bi düzenleme yapabilirim event hiç yok bunun için bi yenilik yapabilirim

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    • By Kerems2434
      Age of Civilizations II - Conqueror's II Mod by AoC2ModdingTR
      Conqueror's II is a Europa Universalis IV patch for Age of Civilizations II. We added a lot of new features to the game with this mod. 
      We'll do updates every week or every two weeks to the mod.
      So what is the features of the mod?
      FEATURES:                                                                                                                            SCENARIOS: 
      - New EU4 - Extended Timeline Map (3706 Provinces)                                                - Modern World
      - 1386 City Names for the EU4 Map                                                                                 - Fall of Soviet Union: 1991  
      - 114 Formable Civilizations                                                                                              - Cold War: 1947
      - EU4 Civilizations Colors for all scenarios                                                                     - Blitzkrieg: 1939 (WW2)
      - EU4 Extended Timeline Scenarios                                                                                 - Spain Civil War: 1937 (DLC Version)
      - Improved Graphics                                                                                                            - The Gathering Storm: 1936 (WW2)
      - Quicker Turn Pass Speeds (with v1.1 Fixing the Bugs Update)                                - Spain Civil War: 1936 (Default Version)
      - About 50 New Civilizations                                                                                              - World War I (with correct leaders) 
      - EU4 Interface                                                                                                                      - 1870
      - EU4 Icons                                                                                                                            - A House Divided: 1861
      - EU4 Musics                                                                                                                         - Victorian Era: 1836
      - EU4 Declare War Sound                                                                                                    - 1792
      - WW1 Scenario (with correct leaders)                                                                            - New World: 1492
      - New Flag Effect                                                                                                                  - Fall of Byzantium: 1453
      - New Font                                                                                                                             - Rise of the Ottoman: 1444
      - New Game Logo                                                                                                                - The Grand Campaign: 1399 
      - Compatible Versions for Windows & Android                                                              - Byzantine - Sasanian War
                                                                                                                                                      - 395 
                                                                                                                                                      - 224
                                                                                                                                                      - 58 
                                                                                                                                                      - 2
                                                                                                                                                      - Ancient Greece
      Ottoman Empire (Turkey):  Ottoman Beylik -> First Ottoman Empire -> Great Ottoman Empire <- Ottoman Empire (Development period) <- Ottoman Empire (Downfall Period) <- Turkey
      Greece (Byzantine Empire): Greece -> Megali Idea -> Byzantine Empire -> Eastern Roman Empire -> Roman Empire
      Italy (Roman Empire): Italy -> Italy Kingdom -> Western Roman Empire -> Roman Empire
      England (United Kingdom): Anglo-Saxons -> Sussex,Wessex,Essex -> England -> Great Britain -> United Kingdom -> British Empire
      And more with 4th update...
      UPDATE 1: FIXING THE BUGS UPDATE (RELEASED)                                                                      UPDATE 2: THE DARK AGE UPDATE (SOON)
      - Fixed over 134 capital problems in all scenarios                                                                          - We'll add more scenarios to the between 395-1399 years
      - Fixed and added new leaders to the WW1                                                                                     - We'll fix some bugs and mistakes 
      - Fixed over 57 connection problems                                                                                                 - We'll fix some borders in the scenarios
      - Fixed Eastern Germany Leader in the Cold War Scenario                                                                                 
      - Improved Background                                                                                                                         UPDATE 3: CONQUERORS OF THE NEW AGE (SOON)
      - All of the islands added to 1991, 1947 and Modern World Scenarios                                       - We'll add more scenarios to the between 1399-2020 years
      - Fixed some ideology problems (like Ottoman - Democracy)                                                      - We'll fix some bugs and mistakes
      - Solved the slow turn pass problem in all of the scenarios                                                           - We'll fix some borders in the scenarios
      - Remade WW1 Scenario
      - Remade WW2 Scenario                                                                                                                       UPDATE 4: NEW FORMABLE SYSTEMS (SOON)
      - Added 1939 Scenario                                                                                                                          - We'll add more formable civilizations systems (like Ottoman, Italy, Greece systems)
      - Added Spanish Civil War (DLC Version)                                                                                          - We'll fix some bugs and mistakes
      - Fixed default Spanish Civil War Scenario                                                                                        - We'll fix some borders in the scenarios
      After all of the updates, we'll release "Conqueror's II - Complete Edition"

      AoC2ModdingTR YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVov6An3mEzP17tLGcZl6g
      AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/mNGn8CD
      AoC2ModdingTR Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/AoModding
      AoC2ModdingTR Kerem Yılmaz (Turkey) - Ege Ceylan (Turkey) - Seyit (Turkey) - Gurren Lagann (Brazil) - Adil (Kazakhstan) -  Vaux (Turkey) - Ebubekir Eren (Turkey) - TuranOglu (Turkey) - Chairman Baad (USA)
    • By ProvinceOfSaoPaulo
      olá, eu creio que pelo menos alguns devem me conhecer (ou não, não sei), pois bem, estou começando um mod no aoc2 que vai ser "alternativo", procuro pessoas que sabem fazer/modificar os/as mapas, provincias, bandeiras, musicas de fundo, etc.
      Sobre o projeto que vou fazer, é um mundo alternativo, todos os paises possuem eventos e historias complexas, de inicio, a meta do projeto é ter pelo menos 2 cenarios apenas e ambos vao ter varios paises diferentes e com eventos em todos os paises.
      Se Você se interessar pelo projeto, por favor, entrar em contato pelo server de modder no discord ( https://discord.gg/rTbQpqehcS ).
      Obs.: se vc não tiver discord,  pode conversar por aqui mesmo, mas isso vai dificultar na criação do mod.)
    • By davidtjk
      Did you forget the age of players it was not bad but it was probably not quality well this version probably will be more quality then first version if this version finished 
      This time you will choose area that name by numbers and already is choose the capitals, please choose your real location!
      1.east Germany
      2.south Germany
      3.west Germany
      4.north France
      5.south France or Vichy France
      6. Czechoslovakia
      11.British Isles
      12. Austria-Hungary
      13. Yugoslavia+Albania
      16. Denmark-Norway
      17.Italy and Switzerland+Malta+Corsica
      18.North Spain
      19.South Spain or Cordoba emirate

    • By Ferhat5534
      The Real 751 Map Oghuz Dormitories Realistic Technology Realistic Diplomatic Relations Realistic Population Rates Realistic Happiness Rates Great civilizations such as Abbasids, Tang Dynasty, Byzantium, Frankish Kingdoms ... Detailed settings for major countries like Abbasids, Tang Dynasty, Byzantine, Frankish Kingdoms Separate vassal and troops for Britain and Franks Vassals and more .. 68 Civilization Map Date: 16 May 751 Technologies; Abbasids ~0.23, Tang Dynasty ~0.29 Starting Army in the Capital ~400 Starting Population ~30000 Starting Economics ~20000 Startup Money 1500 Note: Conqueror's II v1.1 Required.

      Cooming Soon..
      Open Game Folder (...\Conqueror's II v1.1\map\EU4\scenarios), After downloading the file, extract the 751 file in rar and leave it to the scenarios, Then open the Age_of_Cilivizations file in the Scenario folder, Add (751; at the end or anywhere.) Open the game and load the scenario(751) good games.
    • By Earthball
      Hi guys
      This is the Communist French Guiana Civilization that i created
      I hope you will like
      The folder of the Communist French Guiana Civilization for AOC2 is here below for download

      Communist French Guiana Flag for AOC2.rar
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