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AOH2 Java - [Map of Java and Bali ] (In development)

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Java is a small mod i thought of 2 years ago but ended up cancelling it but today i will be starting to make it, this will also be my first mod i ever created. The mod as what the title says will be focusing on the island of Java and Bali, anyways here's what i will be featuring :

  • A map of the island of Java and Bali (Separate Maps for Regencies and Districts of Java/Bali)
  • Including Regions, Cities, and District Names for the Provinces
  • Various historical scenarios
  • New Civilizations
  • New Soundtracks
  • Including Leaders and their flags 
  • New UI (Using and modifying 'Conquerors AOC2/EU4' UI and SFX)
  • Maybe some modifications to the game? ( Maybe changes to the mechanism of the game if i can )
  • Indonesian Language , 21% Done.

I don't think im going to make the mod for Android too

Download PC Soon after it's done obviously


8:00 PM

it's all done! though there are some errors while making the provinces so it'll take abit more of time to finish the map.

 - Land Provinces done.



* (01/07/21) Regencies of Java Map done.

* (03/07/21) Working on UI, Soundtracks, and Game stuff.

* (13/12/21) Further Progress unknown, currently stopped.

* (28/02/22) Continuing development, Working on Scenarios, UI, and the Game.

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12 hours ago, WINNIE THE PARAMOUN LEADER said:

Hmm... How many provinces.

It currently has 168 Land provinces, should i add more? if so i will add districts of the regencies in java

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On 1/3/2022 at 8:44 PM, Hons said:

so almost everything is done but might not finish anytime soon because highschool

so mod got revived and died almost immediately?

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On 1/11/2022 at 11:05 AM, Lixobounce said:

so mod got revived and died almost immediately?

i guess? lol but i might continue it again since im home

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