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Age of Civilizations

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    • By Lucas L
      I saw that Lukasz has added the Crimea peninsula as a part of Ucrania, when the Crimea peninsula is now under russian occupation (''Republic of Crimea'') so I did some maps and leaders about the "Annexation of Crimea by Russian Federation".
      Some new things:
      -Leader of Ucrania during the provisional government during the Crisis of Crimea of 2014 (Arseni Yatseniuk)
      -The ''Prime Minister'' of the 'Republic of Crimea' Serguei Aksionov.
      -Map of the crisis of Crimea (2014) In this map, I added The ''Republic of Crimea'' as a vassal of Russia with the best relations, and Ucrania is near to the war with the Republic of Crimea and Russia.
      -I also added The ''Republic of Crimea'' in  a Europe map of 1st of january of 2019 (created by me), as a vassal of Russia.
      About tecnology: All the civilizations have the standard tecnology level, 0,45.
      Update 26/03/2019:
      I am from android and I can't share a download link until the Workshop arrives, but I can share some pictures with you (The first three pictures are of the map of "Annexation of Crimea by Russian Federation" in 2014, and the other picture it's from the "Republic of Crimea" in my created map "Europe 1st january of 2019")
      Release: Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
      ABOUT aocII 3v update 
      I want to take a  break 
      maybe it'll come out next month next week idk maybe 
    • By PANTIC
      ▪Governments.json files
      ▪what new in dsh Governments.json
      •Social Democracy
      (and more)
      ●how install •
      Governments.json>aocII file > game > paste here
      UI > aoc II file > paste here 
    • By Toupa
      Hola a todos, aquí os dejo un vídeo sobre como poder instalar mods en AOC2. 
      Si te interesa el contenido de AOC2 en español no dudes en subscribirte
      Para crear una copia de seguridad simplemente copia y pega la carpeta del juego!
      Links donde descargar mods:
        Age of Civilizations 2 forum:
        Mod DB:
      Ruta para encontrar la carpeta del juego en steam
      Disco local(C:)~Archivos de programa (x86)~Steam~steamapps~common~Age of civilizations 2
    • By memososisi
      This video is my video.
      --- Extractor Download Link:
      http://link.tl/1ZDn6 (Google Play Store)
      MT Manager Download Link:
      http://link.tl/1ZDnn (apkmonk.com)
      ZArchiver Download Link:
      http://link.tl/1ZDne (Google Play Store)
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