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Well, my comrades. You've been waiting for this. I am announcing the release of Alpha 3.1 modification "Iron Sturm"

This small update does not add as much and grandiose content to the mod as in versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. However, you may find some changes in the game that will seem unique and pleasant to you


- Ostland (Baltien) It was divided into two states: Reichsland Weissrussland (as Belarus) and Reichland Baltien (as the Baltic States). Several interesting events have been added for Baltien

- The interface has changed a lot. Now it gives a gloomy atmosphere to fashion

- A conflict has been added for Romania. There is no event for the war yet

- Leaders have been added in Novosibirsk (events for them will be in 4.0, but in the test scenario you can see states with people from the teaser)

- Some other changes...

- Bugs have been fixed (not all, read under the links)

(Content with the Caucasus is being moved to 4.0 due to a project reboot)


PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Et5ORjGYY70xqDMGYXtMEhVxcNtS00o/view

ANDROID: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NUAdxyOEUQFmRaCqBG864cnN2oCu7TG-/view


> Russian

> English

Throughout the development, I thought that the modification may well be on top. However, due to the fact that ideas come to my mind that can radically change the mod for the better and the modification is full of unprocessed content, poorly written events and bugs, I began to think that I should totally rework the mod. I began to like this idea and because of this I really want to make 4.0 and not 3.1. Therefore, some bugs may remain or appear in 3.1 that I have not fixed yet.

What should Alpha 4.0 represent? This version should show a decent look of Iron Sturm, which you can play well without any mistakes and unfinished moments. I was inspired by the beta version of Half-Life 2. Therefore, I want to make a mod not only with an atmosphere of hopelessness, war and fear, but also with interesting and cool plots in countries, mechanics and interface elements. I know it will take a long time to create this masterpiece, but you don't want to see a raw product made in one minute, do you? For example, World Ablaze has been developed for a very long time, but at the same time developers are trying to add content for each state so that the player has something to play. This is the way I want to go, and any modelist should follow it if he wants to create a masterpiece mod that will remember all the Age of History community.

So, hold on. I just recently realized that there is very little content in fashion, and therefore I seriously want to improve Iron Sturm

And I want to tell you that there may be bugs and some other squiggles in the mod (for example, the --- 3.1 icon will not be the same as on the ave of the group), because I am tired of making a mod, and there is no motivation to develop further yet, + the admin got carried away with mapping in Half-Life 2. In the near future I will resume active development of Iron Sturm

That's it. Have a nice game!


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I can't start the game on my pc and I try to read the note with the name README, see Deutsch.jar in it and I try to search in that file but can't find it anywhere, please guide me and my language is pretty bad ,thank you very much.

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