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On 6/19/2023 at 9:19 PM, Wooodex said:





You heard that right, TSGW is getting updated.

This mod is focused on the Second World War, with even more events then before!
Brought to you by @Italian PeC, IdiotFBG, @3dddies and me.

Special thanks to: @Emir of Granada and @PHZanoniGamer

This update was first meant to aim at historical events, but with help of Eddie I am able to add 10+ non-historical paths as well.

I will post mod updates here but you will get to see progress quicker in our discord server:


From Italy putting the Pope in charge, America digging up George Washington, Latvia getting couped by the White Army, Monaco couped by Pirates and much more you can have a lot of fun in the next update, with a lot of possibilities.

Ai is set to mostly prefer going the historical route but here and then you can see the Ai choose non-historical events.

Ideologies have also been buffed, most notably Socialism and National Socialism.


What we have finished so far

A lot of bug fixes have been made as well, from Italy not capitulating to border gore ( Which is mostly fixed )

Balancing changes have been made for France, Germany and Italy. France and Germany got a slight buff while Italy was nerfed, so now Italy can possibly lose against Abyssinia.

New mechanic of requesting help from other nations ( via resources ) has been added which can greatly change the outcome of the Spanish, American or any other civil war in the future.

Leaders now have descriptions and some have been buffed, multiple leaders have been added for historical reasons.


Map of USGW beta 0.6
We have added more civilizations to the map to make the game more historically accurate.

mne.thumb.PNG.1b07a831670a40aa4b3cae70506bbbb3.PNGThis is the new terrain map
We also added new Terrain buffs and debuffs to make it more strategically oriented, with that we also fixed some terrain positions to be more accurate ( like mountains in the Balkans )

image.png.b6ac00ad888e96507f15f3d32029b5c2.png image.png.f5b4cd410988364c71001c1f2a69186c.png image.png.3d5c782af348c780ef23a428225ef1ce.png
New leader images. Every leader will have new and improved leader images in the future

A new mechanic that will be used in the future is two leaders leading one nation, one having more power then the other.
For example Yugoslavia, Prince Paul is the main leader until Peter II becomes of age.
If you decide to go against the second leader or get rid of him, a civil war supporting the second leader would form.
In the case of Yugoslavia, if Paul decides to go Fascist the Serbian army will put Peter II in charge
If the Serbian army fails to put Peter II in charge a civil war will start
When two leaders lead a nation their buffs merge
In case of Andorra they lose the Spanish buffs once the Spanish civil war begins

image.png.b9b8aca81bb0645779c0724373c1d9d3.png image.png.60b31e8731e64bcef78e7d5aefc7988e.png image.png.5ad8fa355ff8351aa680f98e2b477a13.png image.png.21b93695cd0dccd15c57e0d21a5a5f74.png
Example images

image.png.a181c78062ee8e7556454462d036f409.png image.png.94674017528cea65ba6b7c31ecf794eb.png
Some leaders like Benito Mussolini proceed to change their appearance after a change of Ideology
First image is socialist and second fascist Mussolini

image.png.585cca0a5995e4f3b4b97d7b1469c74a.png image.png.c465f3f8011f18990ff521ebaaec6b8b.png image.png.dfe2681a084656ca35ae1708fb278cf5.png image.png.d90bc7b1d2dff37d979e04a804ecf756.png
Every nation formable via event will have custom flags for different ideologies
Example Lithuania-Curonia


What to expect

Events will have support for multiple languages, while currently only English in the future Russian, Serbo-Croat and a few more can be expected.

Events lasting till 1950 and beyond.

After ww2 is done and the allies win, now you will keep most of the territory you conquered if you were on the allied side. ( For example if you won against the Soviets and Germans as Poland, previously you would lose your land, but now you should keep most of it ).

Events for most of the countries in the scenario.

More mechanics added along the way.




The beta version is here! Any bugs that you come across please report.

pc: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ct8tHdvTiP_Qzd68mpjKr_Kit4miVjFz/view?usp=sharing

Events.rar is for event images Music.rar is for music

mobile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gNR-rcb3bMwc--mShfzFzW-1ONNs-MT6/view?usp=drivesdk

"USGW v0.6_musicn't" doesnt have music

v0.5 old | 300 new events and new mechanics

v0.6  | 100 new events, border and event fixes


Android support will not be available immediately, but will be something we will focus on after every update


Q: What are our plans for the future of TSGW?
1. Our plans for the future updates of TSGW consist of giving events to almost every country in the game
2. To that we will also work in co-operation with UWUT to bring a better experience to TSGW using the "UWUT engine"
3. To make the events hopefully go up to the year 1964, having endless possibilities for end game maps


All ideas and recommendations will be heard out, you can recommend them in the Discord server or here.

Can u please add more events for smaller country like yugo,albania,greece,belgium,netherlands

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On 4/17/2024 at 11:25 AM, Marko112 said:

Can u please add more events for smaller country like yugo,albania,greece,belgium,netherlands

Each nation will get an expansion/tree eventualy

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On 4/18/2024 at 4:48 AM, Nathan G said:

So this is basically a mod of a mod?

U.S.G.W. is continuation of T.S.G.W. so you could say its one mod, just continued, or I guess a mod of a mod

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2 hours ago, countrybsllhenrique said:

like an a p k for anteriod (sorry)

There is, its in the download link for Mobile. If it gives you a warning its because the --- was make on an older version of android. Simply click "learn more" and then "download anyways"

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Current progress : Pirate Germany tree 90% done, Sikkim tree 100% done, Bulgaria Russian Trardom tree 5%
Release date MAYBE is 20th this month, not sure myself

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