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More building ideas

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So here are my ideas

Let us build borders like:

Level 1: Iron Fence

Level 2: Guarded fence

Level 3: A Wall (would be great at east germany and Mexico)

Military base: if a nation attacks a province with a military base soldiers by themselves would spawn there

Level 1: Military Camp

Level 2: Military Camp

Level 3: Militarized Zone

Weaponized Towers: if a nation attacks it would shoot at them

Level 1: Shoot 1 quarter of them

Level 2: Shoot half of them

Level 3 shoot 3 quarter of them

Also ability to build cities in a province

Level 1: Village 

Level 2: City

Level 3: Metropolis

Level 4: Energy City (Available from 2050)

And you could name these cities and only 3 cities max /province.

Also cities would make income and population growth bigger and we should be able to build workshop on cities not on provinces

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Well, that's very dumb. Except maybe for the first one. He would be better off fixing the trading system, adding scenarios or doing something else he couldn't bother to do for the last 3 years

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What if something like a 'military bank' were added, similar to a recruitment center? In the province where it's placed, you could hire an army without spending money to maintain them. Instead, you'd spend money to maintain the building itself, gradually recruiting troops over time until reaching maximum capacity, which could be increased by upgrading the construction. It would be worthwhile since they already left the building prepared, as sometimes a nation can attack you unexpectedly.

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