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Age of History 3

Improving peace conferences

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The text was translated by an online translator, I'm sorry if there are any mistakes
I do not know if anyone has suggested it, but I will write it here. Some ideas for peace conferences:
1. Creation of demilitarized zones. It will be useful for the security of your country if there is a large country near you. There will be no fog of war in the demilitarized provinces, so you will be able to see troops there if they are brought in. When the troops enter the demilitarized zone, you will receive a message that the treaty has been violated, and you can declare war.
2. Change of government. You can demand a change of government and the ideology of the country. If you have more points, you can make the country a vassal with a new government. The new government will have a good relationship with you. (By the way, in my opinion, this should be the right way to vassalize. Imagine that at a peace conference you declare the same government with which you fought as a vassal, this is illogical). Also, in peace negotiations, you can get this new government to join your alliance. 
3. The ban on nuclear development. The country will not be able to develop nuclear weapons
4. The ban on military developments. The country will not be able to develop its army. 
5. Improvement of reparations. Reparations in aoh 2 have only 12 moves + they are insignificant. It is necessary to make sure that the greater the losses in the war, the longer and more reparations there will be. 
6. Neutral status. A country cannot join alliances and grant the right of passage of troops to other States.
Also, some of these conditions may be temporary. For example, the loser cannot develop an army for 10 years, or 5 years, depending on the points. But all these conditions can be challenged by the losing side if it is confident in its abilities. For example, the loser develops an army over several years and at one point the winner receives a message that the results of the negotiations should be reviewed (ultimatum). And they will be revised depending on how strong or weak one or the other side is. For example, if the winning country has a crisis (low stability in the country, the death of a leader, a violent change of government if it loses in another war), then the loser will understand this and use the crisis to review the results of the war.

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