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International Entities - Age Of Information/Crusades

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Pretty Much, This Will Only Start Being A Thing Post WW1 With Entites Like the United League Of Nations Which Is Renamed To United Nations Post WW2, These Will Prevent BorderGore By Sanctioning Colony Countries And Warring Nations, This Will Make Expansion In The Modern Period Harder And Make The Modern Period More Realistic, Also Civil Wars/Blockading Straits Like Gibralter And Suez Can Cause An Exclusive Unit To Appear Called UN Peacekeepers, This Unit Will Not Be Able To Annex Territory But Will Occupy Territories That Will Be Deemed Safezones And Will Not Interfere Unless Interfered With, Also Blockading Straits Will Cause The UN Council (US And EU) To Declare War, But In The Modern Period The US wont Annex Territories In Such Wars, Instead They Will Capitulate the country, and add a democracy


Other Entities Like EU Are Purely Economic, Boosting Economy by 20% and preventing countries inside it from fighting with the disadvantage that your population graph will become more diverse with different refugees, they will then be assimilated over time into african-(Country Name) Or Asian-(Country Name) with these minorities increasing manpower but decreasing stability


also entities have influence, if influence is challenged and not responded to properly, this will lead to the influence decreasing until the alliance becomes useless and is dissolved, Influence Can Also Decrease If The Alliance Or Entity Changes It's Laws To Quickly On The Whims Of It's Individual Member states, Meaning If Too Many Members Gain High Rank The Alliance/ Entity Might Go Belly Up

additionally alliances and international entities can have rivalries between oneanother, Like nato and Russo-belarusian Alliance Or NATO And BRICS, with each alliance trying to decrease the influence of the other by either signing up more countries or internally becoming richer/stronger


There are also Religious Alliances which are for crusades Scenarios, with All neighbouring muslim countries having a chance to aid eachother incase a christian/whatever other religion empire attacks


all these are going to be togglable from the menu where u choose the country, for easy mode they will be off, but harder difficulties will add and strengthen them, making agressivee expansion Hard

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