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This topic will be divided into 3 suggestions 

Casus belli

System of war justification, it would slow down expansion of both player and bot countries. There would be few types of casus Belli for example religious war against neighbouring heretic countries, conquest which would be the most basic casus Belli obtainable through spies, missions etc. Reconquest Casus Belli would be based on country's cores and province population, it'd be lost over time with province being controlled and assimilated by your enemies (for example France having cores on English lands in Normandy and Gascony during late hundred years war would guarantee France reconquest casus Belli against England). Taking provinces for which you don't have conquest or reconquest Casus Belli would give you more aggressive expansion than taking provinces on which you have claims. Declaring war without Casus Belli would increase your aggressive expansion.


Aggressive expansion 

Modifier every country that's expanding would experience. It'd be like relations that'd vary depending on what and where you conquer, for example Spain conquering Morocco would get lots of aggressive expansion with countries what are the same faith as Morocco but much less with Italy or France, to regionalise it even more for early scenarios like early modern era, dark ages or ancient times if map gets divided into different regions like balkans, Scandinavia, Ruthenia, centro-eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Megherb etc. while conquering countries like Serbia as Ottoman empire you'd get more aggressive expansion with orthodox Christians and countries that are in Balkans. Having too high aggressive expansion with country would let this country join coalition against you, attacking 1 country from coalition would mean attacking entirety of it and 1 coalition country attacking you would mean whole coalition attacking you. Your allies, vassals and countries that have great opinion about you would almost never/never join coalitions against you. Countries would automatically leave the coalition after your aggressive expansion with them falls under certain level. 



Parliaments are something that greatly affected human history, English civil war, Polish Sejm and Senate, Senate in Roman republic or even parliaments being one of the most important parts of modern democratic governments. It's hard to suggest something here as parliaments and their influence varied through ages and countries, but even the most basic parliamentary system would be something great to see and it'd add alot of immersion.

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