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aggressive expansion/historical events questions and/or suggestions

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Aggressive expansion:

most of all, will there be such modifier in game? Although term aggressive expansion could be seen in file to translate for game I don't think we could see thing like aggressive expansion in any videos showing current game creating progress. If it's not yet in game but will be implemented I have few main suggestions. 

  • Regionalisation/Growth of aggressive expansion gaing e.g. If France conquers London it'll gain mainly aggressive expansion with: Countries in region of Britain, it's neighbouring countries and Catholics (it'd require implementation and division of regions in game like Britannia, Scandinavia, Megherb, Iberia etc.), the bigger the province you take the more aggressive expansion you get for it.
  • Influence of game difficulty on aggressive expansion: We already know there'll be game difficulties, it could be implemented so on each of them you earn more or less aggressive expansion for example on Very Easy difficulty you wouldn't gain any aggressive expansion while on Very Hard players would gain +100% aggressive expansion, meaning that if for example player took Paris from France on normal, France would gain against them 20 aggressive expansion points and on Very Hard it would be 40.
  • What would aggressive expansion do? This modifier would greatly reduce other countries opinion about you, making signing alliances much harder. There could also be coalition mechanic, e.g. UK, Spain and many nearby smaller countries have alot of aggressive expansion against France, if it's at least 100 they can form coalition against France, this would mean that if France attacks them they'll have to fight whole coalition, if any coalition member declares war on France it's the same. If coalition wins the war coalition gets dissolved and defeated country gets modifier that gives them negative military modifiers for next few (5-10) years, if coalition loses the war the coalition is dissolved and countries that were in the coalition can't form it for next few years. 


Historical events:

Basically, I think it's something that'd greatly increase game's immersion potential, make some countries special, different and  unique in some way. Personally I think as many countries as possible should have some historical events BUT major historically countries should have them most of all, Ottoman empires, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, USA, China, Arabic empires, Ming dynasty, Qing dynasty and some events in Japan. I think some historical events should have options to not actually go with historical option. At the end though if game won't be abandoned I think historical events should be added to as many countries as possible.


Exploration system:

We still can see in game things like country placed in Burma knowing and being able to interact for example Austria, in 1440. I think it could be resolved in few ways but first of all all unknown to country provinces should be somewhat not shown, under fog? anything, basically not shown. 

  1. Exploration unit system, such unit would be very expensive to maintain and unlocked through certain laws and policies that'd be hard and expensive to embrace. It'd be the only unit in game country could move to/through unknown provinces and while doing it explored them, some countries like Spain could get such unit cheaper and faster through historical events like Columbus in 1482 (it was the first time he asked Queen Isabella and king Ferdinand for funding, the last and successful one was in 1492).
  2. Part about law/policy to explore would be the same, here though it won't require explorer. Exploration would happen through basic decision and payment. It'd require for seas and oceans to be divided into many many smaller regions all containing few provinces (unless ocean provinces are big, if they are it's not necessary to divide them into regions), country would basically have option to click on unknown province and start exploring it for some gold, exploration process would take few weeks/months depending on how far the province is, to not make it too simple for very rich countries there could be exploration limit meaning countries could explore only 1-4 provinces at once.

Personally I'd say I'm a fan of 1st solution, but the 2nd was also an idea I got when trying to think about it.



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