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Hey I know it is kinda late to propose new mechanics but I was thinking of adding a new mechanic of centralization wich would be a huge early game goal for players, this mechanic would be possible only if enabled in the editor and changed into different things ( whatever they want like industrialization or globalization ), it would work like on a percentage of each side from -100/ massively decentralized state to +100/massively centralized state with the more you go on each side the more you get different effects with the decentralized effects reducing maintenance and building costs but adding more corruption and reducing legacy points while the centralized path adds more possible manpower and money from taxes and trade but as debuffs you get more maintenance costs and other things, of course these bonuses would scale as you go on either side, your percentage on each side would change with the conquest of a large number or provinces or events like nobles trying to buy land, another way to centralize would be to develop provinces ( of course only by a little ).

to finish I think it would be important to add debuffs when you are more than 90% on each side like army maintenance costs if you are too much centralized and more corruption if you have too much decentralization, I hope you read this Lukasz

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