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Age of Civilizations

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    • By Wayhe
      hey, I made an scenario, whats looking like 966, but i edited something. 
      What if a big war started in 966? (Poland create)?
      See yourself!

    • By Anonymousss
      The year is 1948. The Axis Powers have won the war just 3 years earlier after the capitulation of the USSR. The ENTIRE World is changed in the process, all of Britain and France's colonies are taken by Neo-Roma (Italy) and Grossdeutchland (Germany). And Finally, tensions have rose up between Germany and Japan, just like the real thing. Will the World be thrown into another devastating war? Or will peace insue within the following years?
      Note: if this doesn't work, PLEASE let me know!

    • By zielonek
      This scenario is about Axis victory in ww2 Have fun! (sorry for my English) 
    • By South Mapping
      Scenario isn't my

    • By problem
      This scenario is  like the United States scenario
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