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Should i make the minor Indian states be part of British Raj? (when i make india)  

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  1. 1. Should i make the minor Indian states be part of British Raj? (when i make india)

    • Yes!
    • No, that's to much work.

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DISCLAIMER: This mod will probably never be finished due to my game reseting.

Hello, I am creating an 1868 scenario. I currently have nearly all of Europe, most of North America, and some other colonies. Please tell me if you see any mistakes yet. Several country borders are unfinished (like Qing, the Russians, and others) When this scenario is finished, you will need Addon+. There are several events already made, i will try to balance the amount of historical and alternative events.

Currently, there are 4 custom civilizations:

2nd French Empire

North German Confederation

Romanian United Principalities

Military District 5

Some pictures:





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I know this isn't really your fault, more addon+'s fault, but i felt like mentioning that the exclave Bavaria has is too large, it is about the same as 2 provinces shown inside of the game but in reality, it is actually half that size. Also, just for more stabile and easy-going gameplay, if you are proposing it, you should probably give it to Prussia.

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Asia Update! This update has added some stuff in Asia and some other things. I have sorta completed the Ottoman Empire borders (not 100% sure if they are right). I added Spain, expanded Russia and Qing slightly, added some colonies, and added Tokugawa (I will make an event that switches them to Meiji Japan). I also added more civilizations to Arabia.

(i am sorry for purple spain my color palette got all messed up)

Some photos:



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