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Weird ideology problem in Bloody Europe2

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Hello. I noticed that, on the Bloody Europe 2 mod for Aoc2, certain ideologies are blocked from certain countries (ex: ww2 hungary can't go parlamentic republic). Any fixes? 

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Hmmm... I tried becoming a parliamentary republic as Hungary in the World War 2 scenario, and it worked without any problems. Perhaps you didn't have enough gold when you tried to change your government type?

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    • By Commieslav
      Hi! I've recently started working on a WW1 scenario,and I plan on making it as realistic as possible. If anyone has any links that contain the industry/economy of each country (besides South America,I don't plan on making events for them since they didn't see much fighting),the human development index,diplomatic relations (besides the obvious), ethnic demographics (cores and stuff) and happiness/satisfaction with their country,please share it in the replies. Maps of the Middle East would also be useful, since I'm troubling to find maps with Nejd,Hejaz and Jabal Shammar on them,and also the maps of China and east Asia (some sources say Mongolia and Tibet were independent,some say they weren't.
      Update: Starting militaries of important countries are done,only a small number left!
    • By Chairman Baad
      Is this the end?
      The original BEII was allegedly taken over by a development team, meaning there will be new updates for BEII in the future. If this is the case, then Resurgence's development may cease as it is no longer needed.
      More info here:

      Because Europe's best* when it's Bloody.
      This mod was originally created by Sergei "Suzema" Firstov. I'm just continuing his work because this mod doesn't deserve to bite the dust.
      The original mod includes:
      - Two large maps of Europe (4,434 prov. version + 2,637 prov. version)
      - A large map of the German Empire (937 provinces)
      - A large selection of scenarios from ancient times to alternative future
      - New fonts and music
      - Over 2,000 new civilizations
      - New formable civs and unions
      My continuation includes:
      - Bug fixes and localization improvements
      - Some new scenarios
      - Wasteland maps
      - Restoration of all vanilla leaders and Wikipedia links
      - Maybe some other things
      This mod is now available! Copy everything from the PC download into a fresh copy of AoH2 or BEII.
      Current version: 1.0.1a
      Download now: PC - Android
      Soundtrack: PC (.zip) - Android (.obb)

      Original Mod - Development Tracker + My Other Projects - My Discord
      * As in "most exciting"
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      Ideologies+ 2 is going to be a mod which will add more ideologies in the game and also a continuation of the original Ideologies+. @pythx also helped me at this mod with some things : )
      Planned stuff
      Splitting the Monarchy ideology into Kingdom, Empire, Duchy, etc Adding most of the idoologies provided by this website: http://quick-facts.co.uk/politics/ideologies.html Hopfully reaching the original goal of the original Ideologies+: Making for each ideology and each country a flag (unless similarities) (IMPOSSIBLE, i will reskin only the ones that mater and requests) Crossed means that it is done
      Current Ideologies
      Democracy Republic Federation United States Feminism Authoritarianism Nationalism Commonwealth Dominion (aka British Colony) Kingdom Empire Duchy Principality Sultanate Emirate Tsardom Absolutist Kingdom Absolutist Empire Other Monarchy Neutral Communism Socialism Theocracy Fascism Radical Feminism National Socialism Horde City State Tribal Military Junta Anarchism Rebels  
      Note: There will be no Beta/Alpha releases only Full Releases since it is instabille for now
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      Is it possible to add wonders images on android? I always confused about x and y things because i don't know about location provinces and to know the location provinces thing i need to use map editor but it need to use the computer.
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      Hello, I was looking for a good background for the map of the earth, because the one that comes by default already bored me, could someone pass me some?
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