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How to make a formable nation out of itself

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So I'm making a mod / scenario about an alternate reality with different countries and types of governments, and I wanna make a nation that can form itself, like Russia with the Soviet Union, for example,  does anybody know how?

Basically, I want to make a country that's able to change ideology by forming a new civ, which is already possible, seeing Russia into USSR and Japan into the Japanese Empire, any help is welcome!

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I do not know how to do this if you're on mobile. On PC it's quite complicated still but possible once you get the hang of it:
- create a civilization in the civ editor, name it a short tag for example, i'd name my nation latfed if its name was latin federation. You can make TAGs any lenght, but its better if its short (unlike my example). Now you go to game files>game>languages>civilizations>bundle.properties and add a line like this:
TAG = "nation name"
for example:
latfed = "Latin Federation"
as you may or may not know, ideologies each have an extra ideology TAG, so a monarchist latin federation would be,, lets say latin kingdom. you can find all ideologies and their stats and TAGs in the game>ideology file.
in this case monarchy extra TAG is "_m", so i would do:
latfed = "Latin Federation"
latfed_m = "Latin Kingdom"
now, go to game>civilizations_editor. click the file of the country you recently named your TAG (in my case latfed). rename the folder to latfed, (or ur tag), and rename all files inside that have the (oldtag)_(file) for example, "jkodsfsgh5215skodgoojsd_FLH" to: "latfed_FLH". Do this for every file. Now delete the image files (the old flags you have made in civ editor), copy and paste the files of your latfed, and change it to for example, "latfed_m". All files inside have to be renamed to "latfed_m_FLH" for example. Now open the Civilizations or whatever its called like file in the civilizations_editor folder, destroy the old tag of your custom nation (in my case jkodsfsgh5215skodgoojsd) and replace it (and add your ideology nations) as follows:



Click on "save" button. Now make a flag, whatever you want really, just make a .png flag image, rename your flag to "latfed" (your tag) paste it on game>flags and game>flags_h / now make a flag for your alternate ideology nation, such as "latfed_m" and paste them on game>flags and game>flags_h too.
Now enter the game. If you click on civilizations editor you will see your nation lacks a flag there. But this is good believe it or not. Now go to map editor, formable civilizations, and do your formable as you wish. For example, if i want my Latins country to form Latin Kingdom (which inherently has MONARCHY) instead of Latin Federation (which inherently has DEMOCRACY) you'd go and pick Latin Kingdom, not Latin Federation (those will show up as separate countries). Now when you go in game and form the nation, you will see your ideology transforms to MONARCHY post-formation regardless of what ideology you had before doing it.

Hope this tutorial helped you.

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