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No Surviving

Formable Nations ideas for my new mod

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9 hours ago, No Surviving said:

私は新しいMOD「HeartsofSoldiers II」を作成していますが、形成可能な国についてのアイデアを教えてもらえますか?












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USSR for Russia (Capital: Moscow) Russia must control all old USSR borders in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. 

United Ireland (Capital: Dublin) Northern Ireland must be ruled by Republic of Ireland. 

Empire of Carthage (Capital: Tunis) own most of modern Tunisia with the exception of Gafsa and Tozeur Tatouine.) own Eastern Algeria up until Constantine and bejaia. Own tetouan in morroco and andalusia in Spain as well as western sicily palmero. 

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan /Taliban - (capital: Kandahar or Helmand) control all of Southern Afghanistan. 

Mughal Empire (Capital: Allahabad) borders of Mughal empire under Babur. 

Iraqi Kuwait (capital:Kuwait City) be Iraq and control Kuwait. A puppet state of Iraq in 1991. 

Islamic Republic of Algeria (Capital:Algiers) control all of Algeria use the FIS or GIA flag. 

Al Qaeda (Capital: Riyadh ) own Saudi Arabia. 

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Personal favorite: Just representatives flags when Scotland or Ireland forms his version of "United Kingdom".

The Dual Monarchy (UK and France) sounds fun too, because in my Britain playthroughs I always conquer france

You can also explore the possibility of Incas and Aztecs knowing about each other, and conquering their territories in the search of more power. Since this is a big deal, changing the flags of the Aztecs or Incas (whenever conquer the other) would give more life to the game. By a mod of WW2 you could make that either Peru or Mexico have the possibility to form a new state resembled to that

Maybe more African Union ideas. Like West African Union.

Or something related to: "United States of Native Americans". In real life this name would be impossible, but it's so fun to hear the mere existence of that XD

Maybe, since now I discovered that this is a WW2 mod (;v) You could form the Caribbean union with any of the countries that are related to that.

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