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(⚠️ Dead. For now... ⚠️) Galaxy Map - Project

What should i add?  

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On 8/7/2022 at 1:33 PM, among us is sus said:

This is soo cool!!! Im really waiting forward to it!

Idk if that would be even possible but i hav an suggestion: Research or Focus trees.  

I'll probably rework the Research Tab (As in Icons and Names) But I have no real coding knowledge so Focus/Research Tress likely won't be coming any time soon.

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3 minutes ago, Noobs Dudes said:

project will be returning soon...

(When I make it into a mod I'll make another map, the milky-way)


But anyway, my computer had broken, and I luckily managed to save the Map. The project will soon be returning once I get a new PC.milky_way.thumb.jpg.704307089febc71a97855b6aca855d23.jpg

Next map ^

Also, I'll let you guys make scenarios, so if you want a Star Wars style scenario, you can make it since I know nothing about it.

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Sad News: I've lost the USB that held the map, so all of the progress has been lost. However, I will start (When I can) on the Milky Way map, instead of the galaxy I did. The provinces will be hexagonal, and I may add the original galaxy back as another map to play on. AoC3 will also bring us some more interesting features, so there'll be custom units undoubtedly. (Also, I may make a mars map too)

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