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AOH Expanded (2200+ done already)

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As the title states, this map will serve as an expanded form of the base vanilla map. 

My vision for this project is to add plenty of provinces to the base map (starting from scratch of course) to hopefully reach province numbers of at least 2.5 to 3.5 times larger than the original base map. 

The goal is to not only revise borders, but improve on province borders to better reflect a certain time period. Hopefully, from very late medieval to modernity. 

*note, I am willing to take suggestions on potential provinces/border changes, but it would be nice to suggest new provinces for the countries I am already working on. 

Also, I can't pump out provinces as fast, due to the large amount of research that goes into a project like this. 

Countries completed:
-Austria === 35 provinces

-Czechia === 33 provinces

-Estonia === 22 provinces

-Latvia === 33 provinces

-Kuwait === 6 provinces

-Qatar === 3 provinces

-Cyprus === 6 provinces (island total, there's Akrotiri and Dhekelia, UN, and Northern Cyprus as well)

-Luxembourg === 3 provinces  *updated national borders*

-North Korea === 30 provinces

-South Korea === 28 provinces

-Palestine === 6 provinces

-Israel === 22 provinces

-Costa Rica === 7 provinces

-Panama === 10 provinces

-El Salvador === 7 provinces

-Western Sahara === 14 provinces
-Haiti === 6 provinces
-Dominican Rep. === 7 provinces
-Cuba === 20 provinces
-Ukraine === 126 provinces
-Crimea === 9 provinces
-Transnistria === 4 provinces

-Poland === 164 provinces
-Croatia === 61 provinces
-Hungary === 47 provinces
-Bosnia === 44 provinces
-Montenegro === 17 provinces

-Germany === 298 provinces (still being worked on kinda)

-The micronations of Liechtenstein, San Marino, Vatican City, Monaco, and Andorra have all been added.

Countries being worked on:

-Lithuania === 25%
-Japan === 40%
-Canada === 5%
-United States === 96% 
-Australia === 90% 
-Mexico === 40%

*before anyone says LmAo ThAtS nOt 1000 pRovInCeS*
*please ignore the fact that I hop around a lot, keeps things a little fresher for me* 

Background used is HOI4 + AOH2 Backgrounds Merged by u/Noobs Dudes

(Before anyone asks, I may do a beta once North America, Australia, and most of Europe is complete. Updates come weekly!)

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Austrian empire said:

i have some here:



also can you add these:



Well, you're in luck with New Mexico and Utah
*not pictured is the Nevada Territory*
But thanks for the maps as well!
(just need to add connections is all)


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