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The Focus Tree (Reposted)

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as Wikipedia says hoi4. Focus trees allow players (and AI) to direct the development of their nation. Each country has a focus tree, representing the number of development paths (branches) available to that country. These paths may be based on actual historical situations or alternative historical possibilities. Individual options can range from political, diplomatic and military issues to more economic and research areas.

but adding this would be a bad idea because Paradox could ban aoh3 on the focus tree, however Paradox has almost no copyright protection so we have two scenarios. maybe one scenario is more realistic, paradox won't care about copyright, but we don't copy the system completely, like continuous focus, otherwise paradox might see it, we can delete political effort thread and continuous focus because we already have a button to change the government in aoh2, so we only have 3 branches of effort left just to develop the country, and also maybe we can modify easier the focus tree simple to a better version by modifying in notepad++ or more simple app.

we have 3-4 areas of effort just to develop the country, for example:

and aviation. (if this is added to aoh3)

Additionally, we can add or remove effort branches using the focus tree editor, and we can also add or remove modified effort branches for just one or more civilizations.

we can also add what efforts are being made in this direction, good or bad,
which province will have an army or buildings, or which country will have good or bad efforts, etc., and we can also choose which efforts are better, left or right branch, we can also make a simple focus tree for beginners and a more complex one for experienced players, also the focus tree can link events if one branch of effort can will trigger events.

Thanks for watching post.

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