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Unique technology trees mod

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Will it be possible to make technology trees unique to each nation?

What I would think is that possibly the game's official tech tree will be inside a folder called "Research". Inside it will be the normal technology tree, the official one and the one that comes by default. But I would like it to be able to have a folder that tells us what more can be done.

Example: folder called "AOC" (Country Tag), inside it there is a unique technology tree for the nation. This folder would be a type of template to indicate the capacity to create unique or national technologies.

The Tag in the name of the folder would serve for the game system to identify that that civilization has a unique and national technological tree.



.../Game/research/U_trees/AOH (U = unique)



You may be wondering; Why?. But there is an answer. Because modders will be able to create units, reforms, laws or other forms that are not accessible to one nation but to the other. If a custom unit, example: Panzer. It is unlocked by a technology that only Germany has, only Germany will have that special unit. In conclusion, this functionality allows modders to make the game more complex, therefore, more moldable. It allows modders to give a more exquisite flavor to all the civilizations we play with, adding their respective difficulty and custom troops, laws and reforms.

Although this raises another question for me: Can the technology branches of your own tree be divided?

Example: Below the separate research branch, there is another branch: Military, Civil, Industrial, Naval, etc.


I hope this post has not wasted your time and also, I wish you a good weekend and don't forget to drink water

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