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Spying ideas

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Could be good to have spies, maybe in the form of units  (between 1 and 50) invisible to the enemy unless you're discovered. Spies efficienty would be based on tech level, the higher your dev is, the most undetectable they are. Could be presented as below:

-building spying center where you could hire spies.

-spying treaties between civs : they both let spies pass in their territory and both recover the informations. Note: this is a secret alliance.

Spying actions :

-sabotage : destroy a building

-informations : removes the fog in some provinces around them. And, if in the capital, infos about the budget and all troops. (High tech level to enter the capital)

-assasinations : kill the leader, will result in less hapiness, would require a high dev tough.

-organize a coup : change the government/ideology of another country to yours and improves relations, will depend on hapiness, economy and diplomacy of the country. It will have a high chance of sucess if  the country, is ruined or losing at war. If it fails, relations will decrease.

-liberate other spies that have being captured.

Counterespionage :

it would be too hard if you could'nt protect yourself, as much your spies are undetectable as much you counterespionage is efficient and so you could see enemy spies and kill or arrest them with your own (arresting by encercling) you'll then know who was spying on you and keep spies as prisonners, enemy will have to pay a a ransom to recover them.

There would be a rate of sucess for missions : even if you have a better tech level than a civ you're spying on, you could be discovered and this civ would maybe have a low but not impossible possiblility of accomplishing a mission without being seen.

what do you think ?

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On 1/21/2019 at 7:02 PM, JustAnUser said:

Wouldn't it be weird to see a leader get assasinated and still lead the country?

Sure XD .Let's say you just switch to the next one : the next period's one . It's the most plausible idea i guess for now. It'd be still rare though

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