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Simon Wilford

Hearts of AoH2

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UPDATE: Cities of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Greenland and Falklands are done! 100% of cities done in total! Now I will make Growth Rates!

I also fixed Armenian borders and added West Vienna and West Berlin.

Here is a preview of the 1444 British Isles.


As for your questions,

17 hours ago, Esnom said:

Is Liechtenstein on the map? 


Yes, it is.

16 hours ago, RyanOrleansII said:

You plan on doing alternate scenarios such as tno, Kaiserreich, in the glory of the Tsar?

Yes, those scenarios will be there.

3 hours ago, That_mAntis said:

Will stats for Weimar republic in interwar period be very weak and in negative money? to fit with how weak and poorly managed the country was in reality.

Yes, 12 events will fire off causing it to go mostly bankrupt.

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UPDATE: 100% of the world's growth rates are done! 100% of continents are done! Now I will do regions!

23 hours ago, setapdede said:

Can't wait for the mod to be released : ). Also i suppose there might be some alternative scenarios from HOI4?

Yes, there are.

7 hours ago, Guerrito said:

ok, I really wanna know how the Brazilian Cities are. Because this would change my game. (from the middle ages to modern from the colonization)

private message me on the forum to know.


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i'm absolutely excited that the mod will have interwar period, I cant talk enough how much i love the scenario, It can get so chaotic with all the smaller nations in war on Russia's side.

I also guess it's kinda challenge mode to try and survive as Weimar republic and not change your ideology to national socialism/communism?

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UPDATE: Asia and Europe of 1444 scenario is done! 

A preview of Eastern Europe and the Middle East is in the picture.

As for your questions,

19 hours ago, Guerrito said:

Are you going to put a uruguayan civil war

Maybe in update as regional scenario.

6 hours ago, YYT4 said:

Will there be a version for android?

After the PC version is released, someone would have to volunteer for converting to android, else there will be no android version.


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