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How to transfer a mod from PC to Android?


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we do a little bit of 

The Second World War incinerated the old world. In its ashes now marches a New Order, burying millions under its brutal reign as the last lights of freedom threaten to be extinguished.

The Greater Germanic Reich rose from the World War as the unquestioned hegemon of Europe. 'Endsieg' was, at the cost of innumerable innocent lives, achieved - yet only humiliation followed. The Reich's grand ambitions stand unfinished or failed, its military a bloated corpse and its politics an infighting circus. All this under the fading watch of Adolf Hitler, and the vying gaze of the vultures below him.

United under the banner of the Co-Prosperity Sphere, East Asia is reduced to a shattered phantom in forced subservience to its new master: the Empire of Japan. The Rising Sun shines from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, celebrating itself as the master of the world's economy and victor over the West. Yet there is resistance against them, diligently working and growing, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Baptized in the nuclear fires over Pearl Harbor stands the last hope - the United States, humiliated and shaken to its very core in the World War, has taken it up to itself to fight for freedom in this dark world. But while its government schemes against the Axis' legacy, more and more of its people resent its internal chaos and segregation. The fight is decided at home, and could change everything.

The Mediterranean wrestled itself from the Reich's waning grip, forging a fragile Triumvirate. The Iberian Union teeters between prosperity and implosion, the Kingdom of Italy struggles to maintain its Fascist legacy against its growing democratic movement, and the Republic of Turkey sits on a colonial powderkeg. What happens past Hercules' Pillars could change the fate of the world.

The Russian bear has broken and fights itself. One thing unites the pieces - a burning desire for a united nation under their own vision. What this vision might be is up to them; but no matter what it is, not all Russia will be united then. For the Reich and the Rising Sun continue occupying its lands, from the once-shining capital Moscow to the port of Vladivostok. Russia must be reunited, truly reunited, at all costs.

Who will be the victor in this world of darkness and despair?

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On 6/22/2021 at 2:50 AM, Trollface said:

I'm creating a mod on PC, but I want to create a version of it for Android, does anyone know how? 😕

im not sure but i think you need to transfer your aoh2 mod files you want to change to you're phone

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