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5 hours ago, TheBlitzTankster said:

British Isles finished with 88 provinces! (yes i know i worked on this for quite a bit...) Next the Low Countries and Western Europe.


nice man

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2 hours ago, TheBlitzTankster said:

ok i got france and switzerland done (102 provinces) image.thumb.png.114f5fe0f4f0998dcb62c14c04e556f0.png

How many Provinces will Be In The Mod


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On 7/16/2022 at 8:44 PM, TheBlitzTankster said:

761713425_waronterror.thumb.png.a8208b2f6c085de071734bfdfa2691cf.pngWar on Terror 

Basic Description

The Twin Towers have fallen, the Pentagon has been hit, the United States takes a big hit. The United States have to attack Afghanistan following the Taliban safely harbouring Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. They declare war on the Taliban. This is the start... of the WAR ON TERROR.

This in-progress mod is based on 2001 after September 11 to the present. It covers the element of Terrorism all around the world and has many scenarios based on that. 

What this Mod will have currently:

  • Accurate, Detailed and Plentiful Events following history.
  • These Events will obviously have pictures...
  • Event Tree maybe. I have some ideas.
  • Around 5-10 Future and Present Scenarios. (so like Panjshir Resistance and all of that stuff) 
  • New Ideologies.
  • Leader Pictures and if they already have Pictures updated ones.
  • Modern UI hopefully.
  • I'll attempt to sort out the Soundtrack.

This is my first mod, expect this to take some time and not all of this will be featured.


This is being revived, have a 2 week break from school so yeah i'm doing this now

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