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l’etat, c’est moi Mod

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Mod author's @Xiamdrenly

1、 Features:
The order of King: l’etat, c’est moi Mod was inspired by Imperator: Rome and focused on European and American civilization during the Middle Ages and the Second Industrial Revolution. Its refinement of the Holy Roman Empire is the most detailed of the 2mod in all civilized times. Before Columbus discovered the New World script (1492), the map was not open to the Americas. Under the influence of the film Cleopatra, the script of the first three leagues and the last three leagues of the Roman Empire were added in the later stage of production.
2、 Production time:
This Mod has been produced since April 2020.
3、 Release:
This Mod was released on November 7, 2020 to commemorate the 103rd anniversary of the October Revolution. The mod has no events, so the production period is short.
4、 Shortcomings:
Now there are still many people playing in this mod. The biggest and perhaps the only disadvantage is that there are no events in this mod.
5、 Stinger:
The refining array on Wang Yue mod pays tribute to the Alchemist of Steel
This Mod has set up a refining array in the North American mainland. The pattern comes from the animation "Steel Alchemist FA". In addition, the music when Wang Yue mod enters the game also comes from the theme song of Steel Alchemist version 03. This mod has placed some BGM from the comics such as "The Striking Giant" and "The Alchemist of Steel".

PS:Only Chinese
Android download link:

PC :https://mega.nz/file/qRYUALqD#PhQY7k-JaufrwsmIxBIMgIn6Dqi1fKUmcOvcGlYT8p8


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