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Solovyov Pasha

The most annoying things in AoC2 in my opinion

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For me the main problem is that ages do not affect on anything but on the numbers. When it's 1936 everyone needs an ally. And when soviets are in the union with Tannu Tuva and Mongolia they will not accept my allies request. Why? Borders, another countries in the union, ideology only -26%. Ideology doesn't do anything! Why democrats don't do a thing! They don't care if half of the universe was conquered by someone. Not their problem lol :DD Why religions don't do a thing in 1440 scenario? A lot of wars happened because of religions. Like russian-polish wars. The game just doesn't need a world war 2 scenario if AI is for 1440 scenario! Also why can't I fully annex a country in 1936? That's weird.
Event editor
Fix event editor please! There's a bunch of bugs! Also, developer should add events that appears not only for one country but for more of them. Or at least do copy/paste thing, please!
Have a nice day and have a nice game!

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There are many more problems:

It happened once that 2 of MY ALLIANCEMEMBERS declared war on one of MY VASSALS and each of them wanted help from me. I refused all the requestes and after my allies defeated my Vassal they splitted it between the 2 of them (means both of them annexed one half it). I'm not really sure but in my Opinion the should't be able to do that. I mean how stupid and unfair is that?

And that was just a little problem. The real Trash starts when I recapture provinces of my allies or Vassals. Because, when i do that all the Troops that i move to that area suddenly become Troops of my ally or my vassal. At first I didn't even notice that. I thought the were defeated or something. A few times i lost thousands of troops and the AI got them for free because of the stupid bug. I was so god damm furious when i found that out. 

I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible.

Have a nice day everybody!

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We should have an Infamy system just like in Vic2, and if your Infamy goes over 20 you would get coallition'ed by other countries, Infamy would work depending on ideologies, meaning that if you declare war on a Tribal state you dont get much infamy, but if you declare war on a civilized (monarchy, democracy, republic, facist, communist) state you get more infamy than what youd get by declaring on a tribe. I also think that turning, communist/facist should give you some infamy, switching ideologies should have a delay of 50-70 turns and that democracies, republics, and monarchies should burn infamy faster than the other ideologies.

Well then? That only makes Democracies, Republics and Monarchies OP doesnt it?

Well I think that if you're a republic or a democracy you shouldn't be able to declare war on someone unless you have a relationship of -50 or less with then.

Monarchies should be able to declare wars whenever they want however they burn Infamy a bit slower than the democracies and republics (slower by -25%)

In the End the Infamy burning system should look like this



Declaring War: +5 Infamy 

Infamy Burn per Turn: -0.25 Infamy


Declaring War: +6 Infamy

Infamy Burn per Turn: -0.35 Infamy


Declaring War: +6.5 Infamy (If there is no Democratic/Republican Great Power in their Continent) +8 Infamy + Diplomatic Relations Suspended with Non-Facist neighbours (if there is democratic great power in continent)

Infamy Burn per Turn: -0.2 Infamy per turn


Declaring War: +7 Infamy + Diplomatic Relations suspended with Non-Communist Neighbors (unless non-communist neighbors have relations above +25 or have non-agression pact)

Infamy Burn per Minute: -0.16 Infamy per Turn


Declaring War: +0.5 Infamy (if war declared against another tribe) +10 Infamy (If war declared against all other governments)

Infamy Burn per Minute: -0.6 Infamy per Turn 



Declaring War: +2 Infamy (if war declared on tribes) +7 Infamy (if declared against other governments)


City State government would work like a Monarchy.


but for now I think that the most important thing that should be added to the Game is BETTER AI

at the moment the AI will accept any trade request for declaring war on someone (if their ally or lord) as long as they are offered money for it.

the AI also never forms alliances (i've only seen it form once)

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Hi, this is my first post in this website, I'm still new to this website. Also sorry for posting in an old thread but i wanted to say the things that are also annoying to me in my opinion, those insults, why the hell the ai suspends relations even if we have got good relations??!! this truly pisses me off, especially vassals when they suspend relations at the beginning of the game, e.x. set the difficulty to legendary and aggressiveness to 400%, now spectate italy, look at how much that country gets insults from, tanzania, mozambique, france, germany, turkey, algeria, uk, bosnia, bulgaria, even benin, etc.. (on any difficulty btw), yeah i know insults are made to make enemies but this is unreasonable. Like why tf romania keeps invading greece everytime??!! it literally happens everytime, Everytime!  Also another problem, I noticed that if i lower the difficulty, I get more insults than from higher difficulty, for example, in 1440 scenario I play as poland, i get insults from georgia, lithuania, hungary, austria, teutonic order, ottoman empire, even the vassal masovia (so that they get liberty desire and i decide liberation or declare war), so i play on legendary difficulty because of this, and then I said that legendary is easier than beginner difficulty because of too much insults and when there is too much insults there will be coalitions so too much war, I don't know what the hell is wrong with my game, and it seems that I'm the only one facing these problems, i searched all over the forums about these problems and i only found about the ai, nothing else, also the peace problem, every time when the ai wants peace the game forces me to respond, saying the ai has accepted peace in a time i want war not peace, and everytime it says peace offer you must respond to it with accepting or rejecting it, keeps appearing to me and annoys me too much, appears especially when i didn't occupy a province for long time since the war started, also the way the ai plunders provinces is so terrible, if they occupy a province they keep plundering it until economy reaches 99, also the way it recruits armies is too terrible, they recruit like 10000 soldiers in their capital until it becomes 10k population, even lower, their way also to improve economy is stupid, once they become too rich they start to invest a looooooot on the provinces that have got high economy until the economy becomes higher than population and this reduces income as the guides in the websites of this game said, especially the provinces that have got high growth rate, for example, Belgrade, Tainan, Zurich, Fethiye, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, London, Paris, Lisbon, etc.., I am also wondering, why are there some provinces that have got 100% growth rate are deserts??? For example, Yeysk and Salsk, Cangzhou, Jinan, Baoding, Godhra, Surada, Manakara, Bhubaneswar, Kota, Baran, Udaipur, Bhopal, Ujjain, Indore, Itarsi, Chhindwara, Ihosy, etc.. sorry for grammar mistakes. oh and also I almost forgot the same applies with bangladesh execpt that small nations suspend relations, even uae and benin, also why tf are there random relations at the beginning of every scenario? (execpt for historical ones), for example, why when i play as poland in 1440 i see hungary's opinion of me one time is -10 while if i start another game it is +9? why I see brunswick's opinion of me -6 while another game it sets randomly again +4??, and etc... this is pissing me off.

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adding new bugs

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Posted (edited)

The real Trash starts when I recapture provinces of my allies or Vassals. Because, when i do that all the Troops that i move to that area suddenly become Troops of my ally or my vassal. 

Nox Vidmate VLC

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