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Hello TNODFL developer there

Welcome to my project call the new order first days of liberty

This timeline gang of fours had successful in Thier plan and NPA had default Japanese in Thier the great Asian war

Now year is 2000 as Germany and united stand as new super powers of new world order treat of democracy and freedom is not yet die


United States of America

After heart resign and coalition invasion of burgundy the united States alongside Germany and Soviet union still leaders of new order although fact united States still stuffing decline due fact south America founded economic bloc and due Nazism is no longer exist make united States slowly gone isolation and division Between NPP and R-D may cause other age instability or other age American involvement 


Germany: after successful of slave revolt and war Burgundian Wich results to Albert speer resign the gang of fours had beginning full liberalization and democratization of Germany the German federal republic had hold Thier first election in 1978 after democratization in 1975 today the German is currently under leadership of Manfred Rommel (son of Erwin Rommel) whout knows there something big will happened in Neu-Berlin



Soviet union: after ussr reunification by general Gregory Zhukov under his leadership he begins reform ussr and learn from past errors but most importantly the moskowien handover happened in couple days before his death in 1974 and after his death Nikolay ryzhkov become new leader of Soviet union with his refoms he not just make Soviet union better place but also make long failed ideology to successful his region was end when he officially announced resign in 1999 and he been replaced by Boris pugo 


Commweath of Britain

After HMMLR had successful to liberation England election was hold in 1964 Wich had end in Harold Wilson victory in election Wich results to foundation of commweath of England later knows as commweath of Britain in 1968 later in 1975 Harold officially announced his resign and had been replaced by Michael foot from 1975-1984 

Now commweath currently under leadership of tony Blair (by way there lots theories about existing of unknown creatures in commweath but they never showed up until part 2)


As united States is declining the Brazil is slowly becoming new house power of south America and maybe Americas although existing of Ultra nationalist group want end the Brazilian power but they too small what probably went wrong?


Republic of China

After the great Asian war was between Japanese empire and NPA,the NPA had come up Victor and Even destroyed Japanese sphere results to decline of Japanese, empire and fall of Japanese empire in 1979 now under hu jintao and his Chinese socialist party the china may become new super power although they must deal with CPP and even keep economic of Thier sphere (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) good as possible



After most centuries of France occupied 

Algeria had got her independent from both OAS terrorists and imperialism forces of Spain and Italy however Algerian nation had lots problems like corruption and return of fascism  and leader who near to die however fate of algeria is in your hand 

Now as new millennium had beginning 

The future is in your hand













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On 4/14/2023 at 7:00 PM, Bruh_moment_AF said:

Isn't pugo died in 1991?

August coup never happened and reason why pugo is dead because he killed himself alongside with his wife after august coup failed 


On 4/17/2023 at 1:55 PM, BackToTheBrickStudios said:

@new lakhal 2.0Would you like me to make a logo/icon for your mod?

why not 

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