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On 5/31/2023 at 7:03 PM, uwut said:

The mod will have a 4k- province map and with lot of scenarios 

Some features:

New font

New musics

120 or more scenario

Leader features (buff-debuff)

New wonders

Bloody Europe 2 the newest version mechanichs not made by us (We are not Kerem we are saying we took from BE2 lol)

A full world map it has Antarctica and includes all of Canada, Greenland and Russia

Also thanks for:

Help in wonders and background : @Çağan Ayyıldız

If you want to help me in scenarios or other staff my discord acc: uwut#2896 discord server:https://discord.gg/xaEZJ8fC5s

province progress: 4200 provinces completed



For places in China, you can refer to this to make it more detailed. Pink and purple are provincial administrative regions, black is city-level administrative regions, and light black is county-level administrative regions. Thank you, I hope you do more carefully.qxlarge-dsc-5ED81E9DF55823266C8BA5647CC891C5.jpg.9d377060c0cad1d92f45cf86bfd30ffd.jpg

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25 minutes ago, china peple said:

Çin'deki yerler için, daha ayrıntılı hale getirmek için buna başvurabilirsiniz. Pembe ve mor eyalet idari bölgeleri, siyah şehir düzeyindeki idari bölgeler ve açık siyah ilçe düzeyindeki idari bölgelerdir. Teşekkür ederim, umarım daha dikkatli olursunuz.qxlarge-dsc-5ED81E9DF55823266C8BA5647CC891C5.jpg.9d377060c0cad1d92f45cf86bfd30ffd.jpg

thanks for information

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Just now, china peple said:


I am real now sending you a message in China.

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On 2023/6/7 at AM5点15分, uwut said:

新酷 hoi4 背景image.thumb.png.c3a7c3e84553531b900d738efa5c405a.png

May I ask if you can add the Chinese language after the mod is finished?  I can strongly support your mod in China.  I can help you if there is something you don't know, thank you.

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