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Age of History 3

Cold War | 1.2 ━ Sun Rising From the East

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So What Is Cold War Mod?

Cold War is a cold war mode that started on May 27, 1960.
In version 1.0 of the mod there are exactly 1400 events, in version 1.2 the expected and calculated number is 3100.
Our mod is a historical rp mod. From the 1960 Coup to the Vietnam War and Algeria's Independence in Türkiye Mode
There are so many things. There is also important news in the mod.
Features ;


  • Events on the roads of countries in 1.2 will last until 1965
  • Will switch to new background in 1.2
  • Mod will switch to colony[vassal] system
  • Will switch to new font
  • To Turkey ; Bülent Ecevit - CHP , Süleyman Demirel - AP, Nazım Hikmet - TYSP routes will be added
  • In the Soviet Union, the Normal road is detailed, while the Democratic Road is; Social Democratic Party (SODP), Democratic Power and Unity Party (DPY), Liberal Freedom Party (PLV) paths will be added.
  • A full 5 roads will be added to Japan.
  • 5 roads will be added to Italy
  • 7 roads will be added to China.
  • More than 100 news events will be added
  • New leaders will be added to the game
  • New malleable civilizations will be available in the game
  • In most countries, events will run from 1960 to 1965.
  • The game will contain more than 20 political ideologies
  • Newly added scenarios (10)
  • AI Events
  • Election Events
  • NATO and the Warsaw Pact
  • The events of the 1960 Turkish Political Coup

and more...

CW Modding Discord : https://discord.gg/WwNHWNVyfT
BPM Modding Discord https://discord.gg/uEFdxYneqW

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7 hours ago, PHZanoniGamer said:

This has great potential. Hopefully it'll live on, unlike 11:59.

Also, I can suggest some stuff for Brazil if you like

The biggest thing we aim for in our mod (on normal paths at least) is for things to last until 2000, also it would be nice if you could give some advice.

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